Advanced AI-Enhanced Recruiting Management Software

Whether you need to expand your team rapidly, find remote candidates, or diversify your talent pool, isolved Attract & Hire streamlines the process to help you find the top talent for your open roles.

isolved Attract & Hire

The Challenge:

Most US Organizations are Struggling to Find Enough Qualified Applicants

The current 4% unemployment rate isn’t making this any easier. If you hear enough executives complain about this problem, it might cause you to lose hope. In fact, most HR Professionals believe that outside of pushing their jobs to new job boards or engaging an outside recruiter, there is very little that they can do to influence their applicant flow numbers.

To make matters worse, companies have put the responsibility of identifying, integrating, and optimizing their sources of applicants in the hands of Applicant Tracking vendors who really don’t feel that it is their job or in their power to influence the flow of applicants to their clients

Of HR leaders say retaining talent has become more difficult in recent years.
Is the average response time (in minutes) when offering job seekers the 'Text to Apply' option.
Increase in applicants per job when Sallyport moved from iCims to isolved Attract & Hire.

Talent Management Software Built for Busy HR Professionals

Recruiting can be taxing - for everyone involved.

In today's candidate market, it's important to be quick-witted, from the first words of your job description to the moment you extend an offer. Providing a positive candidate experience shows your appreciation for their time. With the increased competition, time-saving tools and prompt follow-up are paramount to securing (and retaining) top talent.

Enter isolved Attract & Hire

Attract & Hire is a customizable Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that allows you to focus on the personal touch while automating the tedious manual work.

You can effortlessly publish open positions to the premier job boards, pre-screen candidates with questionnaires, and schedule interviews quickly with integrated calendars - eliminating the back-and-forth emails.

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AI Enhanced Recruiting Software

isolved Attract & Hire Key Features:

Optimize your hiring process with our AI-enhanced recruiting software to help you source both active and passive candidates, streamline manual tasks, and facilitate data-driven hiring decisions based on key metrics.

Addiction Recovery

AI Job Description Writer

AI-powered Job Ad Writer that crafts engaging job descriptions using pre-populated fields.

Recruit Assist

AI Candidate Match

Ranks applicants based on how well they match the skills and experience required for open job listings.

Going Paperless

Customizable Layouts

Branded career pages to boost employer brand.

Share & Perform

Post Job Openings
with One Click

Over 5,000 free, premium, and social job boards.


Equipped with the Integrations You Need

Calendar integration and interview scheduling links.

Partner Marketplace

Candidate Scoring & Spotlight

Create candidate profiles and in-depth reporting.

Attract Top Talent to Your Open Roles

In just one click, post your open positions to 4,000+ job boards and use employee referrals to find the perfect match.

Plus, our branded career sites and mobile-friendly applications ensure a seamless candidate experience.

Screenshot - isolved Attract & Hire - Applicant List by Role Dashboard

Stay at the Top of Candidates' Minds

Stay connected to your candidates with Attract & Hire's easy-to-use communication feature that allows you to chat with them right from their candidate profile.

Use one-click email templates, assessments, and interview scheduling to keep them updated throughout the entire hiring process!

Screenshot - isolved Attract & Hire - Appicant Preview

Hire at Scale with Actionable Insights

Get ahead of the game by automating your admin tasks! Collaborate with your team and score candidates for fast feedback to reduce the time to hire.

isolved Attract & Hire's robust reporting helps you advise and improve your hiring process, so you can make informed decisions in less time.

Screenshot - isolved Attract & Hire - Appicant Conversion by Source Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI Recruiting Software work?
Are writing and storytelling not quite two of your strong suits? No worries.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are quickly becoming a game changer for the modern workforce. HR leaders prioritize employee experience, keeping tools that simplify day-to-day tasks at the forefront of their minds. Leveraging the AI-powered Job Ad Writer can help you kickstart your job descriptions, which you can then tailor to your unique brand and culture. The AI-driven Candidate Match will rank applicants based on how well they match the skills and experience required for open job listings 
isolved's recent AI at Work Survey of 2,000 full-time employees gave insight into the current use cases and demand for AI Recruiting Software. Some additional responses:
  • 50% have already used AI services like ChatGPT
  • 68% believe AI will improve the employee experience
  • 66% would look favorably upon employers who used AI capabilities to improve their experience
Which Job Boards are included with Attract & Hire?
In an effort to reach the largest pool of job seekers, isolved offers job board integrations with large sites like, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor, as well as over 5,000 others.
The integrations go beyond just posting your job. With the unique “Quick Apply” feature, job seekers are able to apply right from within the job board.
How can our HR team stay updated on the progress of a potential candidate?

Attract & Hire will help your HR Team easily manage the hiring process. Get unlimited user access at no additional cost with the option to leave notes, status updating/tracking, and features to control use.

This recruiting management software makes it easy for teams to communicate directly through isolved Attract & Hire!

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