Paperless Employee Onboarding Software Built to Help You Thrive

Our self-service onboarding software, isolved Onboarding & Offboarding, seamlessly integrates new hires into your company by providing reports, templates, and wizards for consistent, compliant onboarding for new employees.

Paperless Employee Onboarding Software Built to Help You Thrive

Paperless Onboarding Software

Hiring new candidates can be tedious and inefficient if it is full of manual processes.

Handling a stack of new hire paperwork can swiftly become overwhelming. Trying to juggle and organize all those essential documents can lead to a less-than-ideal situation, causing unnecessary stress and potential errors in the onboarding process. Luckly, it doesn't have to be this way.

Headache Free Employee Onboarding

Streamline New Hire Onboarding & Offboarding with isolved Powered by PNI•HCM

The isolved People Cloud Onboard & Develop module is here to help ease your workload and make a great first impression.

With real-time analytics, status reports, customizable templates, and user-friendly wizards, you can ensure consistency and compliance effortlessly.

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Streamline New Hire Onboarding & Former Employee Offboarding Effortlessly

Automatically track assignments, distributions and returns of equipment, systems access and logins, legal and HR documentation, and task completion through isolved People Cloud to keep your business running faster.
Streamline New Hire Onboarding & Former Employee Offboarding Effortlessly

Automate Manual Tasks through Self-Service Onboarding

Get onboard with self-service onboarding and automate manual tasks. With built-in I-9 processing, signature-enabled agreements, and streamlined tax processing, ditch those paper forms to lower costs and reduce errors.
Automate Manual Tasks through Self-Service Onboarding

Onboarding Software Seamlessly Integrated with isolved People Cloud

Automatically populate the new hire record from your applicant tracking system, manage onboarding processes, and compliance documentation seamlessly within a single platform.
Onboarding Software Seamlessly Integrated with isolved People Cloud

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of moving to a paperless onboarding option?

If you’re using outdated processes, like fax machines or physical signatures, your new hire might wonder which century their new employment home is operating in. A modern onboarding experience assures a new hire they’ve made the right decision to sign on with your organization.

Key Benefits:
  • Built-In Tool Time: Automate employee eligibility I-9 forms and processes for new hires and hiring managers, giving them valuable time on their calendars.
  • Digital John Hancock: Enable new team members to digitally breeze through documents like employee handbooks and non-disclosure agreements with electronic signatures.
  • Automate Workflows: Implement, collect, track, and store all forms and documents, including federal and state tax forms, and prevent potential costly errors.
  • Ditch the Desk: Allow onboarding tasks to be completed from any device, anytime, and any place.
How can newly hired employees gain access to the tool?
The new hire receives an email authentication link to access the Wizard. In the Wizard, the new employee will be able to complete information and upload supporting tax documentation.
If the required information has been omitted, the new hire will be prompted and unable to proceed until that step is completed. Auto-generated emails are sent to HR and supervisors to keep them apprised of the new hire's progress.
Is the New Hire Onboarding Wizard customizable?


You can customize multiple onboarding templates for different employee groups, control permissions and assign defaults by role, location, and employee, determine which employee categories are required fields or optional, configure layers of approval before the onboarding process is considered complete, modify the company Welcome Message, hide specific data fields, and upload and automatically save company documents in the isolved system.

How will this offboarding software make life easier for me and the departing employee?
Regardless of the reason, it’s never easy when an employee departs. Yet, the offboarding process is often overlooked, even though it’s arguably one of the most important parts of the employee lifecycle. Making sure an employee’s exit is pleasant not only bolsters an organization’s reputation—it also helps find new talent.
A cooperative former employee will help ensure day-to-day operations run smoothly and critical functions don’t fall through the cracks.
Key Features:
  • Self-Service Offboarding: Soon-to-be former employees have quite a bit to wrap up before they depart. Allow them to take control of their offboarding tasks through self-service.
  • Automation & Workflows: Offboarding employees can be a challenging and complex process for HR teams. To make it easier, it is important to keep track of each task from start to finish.
  • Learn Through Leaving: A departing employee leaves behind a mountain of data. Find gold by capturing and storing data throughout the process and analyze trends to support recruiting and retention efforts.

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