isolved People Cloud HCM

HCM Technology Built to Grow with Your Business

isolved People Cloud goes beyond typical payroll and HR software to seamlessly connect and manage the entire employee journey - from recruitment to retirement and everything in between.

isolved People Cloud HCM Technology Built to Grow with Your Business

What is HCM & Why Does HCM Technology Matter?

Human Capital Management (HCM) technology plays a vital role in the successful management of employees and HR functions. The value of HCM and its organizational impact has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Why? Well, because we as people—and the world around us—are always changing.

There’s a lot happening right now. Employees increasingly want more purpose and culture from their employers; HR managers must be more “forward-looking,” how we collaborate, and our physical workspace is different, and regulations and compliance requirements are constantly changing.

You need people-first technology that creates the experience your employees deserve and reflects the culture and values of your organization. Along with a technology partner like PNI•HCM that will evolve and scale alongside your organization as your needs change over time.

But why is Human Capital Management Technology so important today?

Did you know? Only 33% of your workforce is engaged.

Think about it this way: You bought a brand-new shiny Ferrari with 10 cylinders at your disposal. You take it for a drive down Performance Way, and you are ready to burn rubber.

But, you soon realize you aren’t accelerating like a high-class sports car - more like a Ford Fiesta... running on 3-cylinders.

Sounds pretty disappointing, doesn’t it?

Your employees are your cylinders, and you want them all running so you can harness the full power of your organization and accelerate toward a common goal. When your workforce is not engaged, or worse yet disengaged, you run the risk of low productivity, a lack of belonging, and an increase in turnover.

A people-first organization will choose an HCM partner that focuses on employee engagement and works alongside HR Teams to provide tools to leaders to create a culture of belonging, appreciation, and longevity - improving workplace relationships and, ultimately, your bottom line.

It all comes down to this: Your employees are the heart of your organization, and their satisfaction affects productivity AND customer satisfaction.

4x Profit*
Organizations that invest in employee experience have more than 4x profit and 2x revenue. And employees that experience higher engagement levels outperform their peers by 147% in EPS.

* “Design Your Employee Experience as Thoughtfully as You Design Your Customer Experience," Harvard Business Review

of companies say that governing changes around workforce strategies are important to their success over the next year and a half. But only 8% are actually prepared to adopt the changes.

* “Governing workforce strategies,” Deloitte

believe that culture and values are the top factors in overall employee satisfaction.

* “Which Workplace Factors Drive Employee Satisfaction Around the Word,” Glassdoor

Deliver a Modern Employee Experience by Design

Simplify Processes. Increase Efficiency. Deliver an Employee Experience that Makes You Proud.

The landscape of Human Resources (HR) is evolving. Cultivating a meaningful employee experience (EX) is paramount in attracting and retaining top talent, enhancing customer experience (CX), and ultimately, maximizing returns on workforce investments. Nevertheless, businesses require a centralized hub for accurate data, insights, and strategic initiatives.

Enter isolved People Cloud HCM

Our modular HCM platform, isolved People Cloud, smartly links and oversees the employee journey through HR, payroll, benefits, talent acquisition, talent management, workforce management, and more while scaling with you.

Across all industries, we assist high-growth organizations in empowering their workforce through transformative employee experiences, shaping a brighter today and an even better tomorrow - from recruitment to retirement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does isolved People Cloud ensure efficient payroll and HR management?

Our platform provides easy payroll processing, HR task management, and compliance assurance in just a few clicks! Empowering employees with self-service options to cut down on administrative burdens.

How can isolved People Cloud help streamline HR processes while improving the employee experience?

isolved People Cloud presents a comprehensive suite encompassing talent acquisition, HR & payroll, workforce management, and talent management. By automating workflows and delivering real-time data, it empowers informed decision-making, elevating operational efficiency and enriching the employee journey.

As a small-medium sized business, how quickly can I expect to see value from implementing isolved People Cloud?

isolved People Cloud is designed for rapid deployment and time-to-value, measured in just 7.2 months on average. Our platform's integrated technology and automation capabilities enable faster, error-free responses to operational needs, quickly delivering value to your business​​.

What kind of reporting and analytics does isolved offer?

Our platform provides intelligent reporting with over 300 standard reports, custom report creation, and predictive analytics to visualize workforce metrics, helping you make informed decisions about talent management and operational strategies​​.

Will isolved People Cloud reduce the HR workload in my small business?

By automating repetitive tasks and empowering employees with self-service options, isolved People Cloud can dramatically cut your business's administrative burden. Allowing you to concentrate on high-impact strategic business endeavors.

Can isolved People Cloud support our efforts in talent acquisition and retention?

Absolutely! Our platform offers tools to attract, hire, and onboard top talent effectively, enhancing candidate and employee experiences crucial for talent retention.

What workforce management features does isolved People Cloud provide?

With powerful features for tracking time, attendance, scheduling, and expenses, our solution empowers your entire workforce to work together seamlessly and achieve your goals with confidence.

What sets isolved People Cloud apart in terms of technology and user satisfaction?

isolved is recognized as a trusted HCM technology leader, ranking #1 in user experience and vendor satisfaction. Its platform connects and manages the employee journey across various HR functions, supporting organizations to transform employee experiences​​​​.

Can isolved handle the mass changes we need to make?

From a few employees to a few thousand, isolved offers agile solutions to meet you where you are and pivot with you as you grow and mature.

Plus, through active engagement and support, our team at PNI•HCM will meet you where you are and work with you as you grow in HR maturity and capabilities, one step at a time.

What kind of support does isolved People Cloud offer for compliance and benefits administration?

Our platform offers compliance solutions for ACA, benefits administration tools for effortless enrollment, and HR services to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with changing regulations​​​​.

How does isolved People Cloud enhance accessibility and the overall employee experience?

With our Adaptive Employee Experience, isolved People Cloud provides anytime, anywhere access for employees to perform HR tasks through a secure self-service environment, significantly enhancing the employee experience​​.

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