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With isolved Intelligent Reporting, HR leaders now have the information they need to make quick, informed decisions to drive business transformation.

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The most challenging business is the business of people. Make it easier with isolved.

Revolutionizing HR Reporting: Get the Insights You Need with Just a Few Clicks using isolved People Cloud

With isolved Report Writer, you’ll gain access to over 300 standard reports that help you track key metrics for your business.

isolved People Cloud includes a point, click, and drop reporting system that is extremely simple to use. It’s part of a modern employee experience by design through a connected platform that effortlessly navigates and streamlines the entire HR/employee journey.

If you have fumbled with report scripting, writing SQL statements, or searching for obtuse field labels all in a quest to view your HR and payroll information in the format you want, then this is the game changer you’ve waited for.

Start with commonly used, predefined fields and then add in the fields you need – with a simple click. Decide you want to remove a field? It’s gone with another click.

And the real magic?

Build formulas without crafting out complex mathematical statements. Simply choose and click. Build a formula in under a minute with confidence.

With isolved People Cloud reporting, you can:

  • Change your sort, groups, and headers with a click.
  • Run your report by date range or by point in time.
  • Run for a single company or multiple companies.
  • Export in PDF or Excel formats.
  • Classify your reports (Report Groups) that can be used for security and role-based usage.

Data-driven decisions have never been easier with isolved’s Report Writer. Standard reports include Payroll Summary, Employee Census, and OSHA Incidents. Whether it's a quick glance or detailed analysis, our custom reports are always at your service, thanks to easy-to-use formulas and next-level automation.

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