Stress-Free Nonprofit Payroll & Compliance

Our comprehensive employee experience platform simplifies every aspect of nonprofit operations so you can focus on what really matters - supporting your cause. 

Stress-Free Nonprofit Payroll & Compliance

A unified HCM solution for nonprofit payroll, time, and benefits.

Time-Saving HR & Payroll Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations require more than a worthy cause and dedicated staff to thrive. Demands on HR are just as constant as they are in the for-profit world - often without the aid of specialized HR staff. Thus, success lies in maximizing available efficiencies.

When it comes to payroll, benefits, and HR, isolved People Cloud offers the needed efficiencies plus a seamless connection that covers the whole employee journey.

Our cutting-edge HCM solution goes beyond ordinary HCMs to expertly manage your nonprofit workforce while adapting to the future of work.

isolved People Cloud HCM for Nonprofits

How You & Your Nonprofit Workforce Will Benefit

Your days of tedious manual data management are over.

We'll Help You Build the Custom HCM Solution That Works for Your Nonprofit Operation

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you help streamline our payroll process, especially considering we often need to allocate employee wages across multiple grants or funds?

isolved People Cloud simplifies payroll management by allowing you to split employee wages over multiple funds or grants effortlessly. This feature ensures accurate financial reporting and supports the unique funding structures of nonprofit organizations.

How can the mobile app feature of isolved benefit our employees, especially those who frequently work off-site?

The mobile app offers convenience for employees who work on the go, allowing them to easily punch in and out. This performance-ready app ensures that time tracking is accurate and effortless for all employees, regardless of their location.

What support does isolved People Cloud offer for onboarding new hires in a way that reduces administrative hassle?

isolved People Cloud provides comprehensive workflows and electronic onboarding capabilities, streamlining the process of bringing on new hires. This reduces the administrative burden and allows HR teams to focus more on strategic tasks.

With budget constraints being a constant challenge, how can you help improve our nonprofit's financial management?

By reducing errors and streamlining processes like payroll, benefits administration, and employee wage allocations, isolved People Cloud directly contributes to improving your nonprofit's financial health. This allows organizations to allocate resources more effectively and focus on their mission.

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