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Enhance work-life balance for employees by empowering them to request shifts or seek shift coverage. Foster better collaboration between employees and managers regarding schedule availability all within the isolved HCM platform.


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Workforce Scheduling Software that Predicts the Future to Drive Smart Headcount Growth

Efficient workforce scheduling is vital to the success of any organization. But implementing a solution that seamlessly manages business operations doesn't just impact your bottom line, it impacts your people.
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Introducing isolved Workforce Scheduling

With isolved Workforce Scheduling as a powerful add-on to isolved Scheduling, it's now easier than ever to schedule employees in large groups or the entire organization, minimizing time-consuming tasks such as mass emails while setting schedules, shift preferences, and anticipating future workforce requirements.

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Enable Your Workforce with Flexible Scheduling

isolved Workforce Scheduling offers seamless flexible scheduling, enabling managers to create, modify, and view employee schedules smoothly. By leveraging shift templates for recurring schedules and variable staffing rules, our solution streamlines the scheduling process.

Notifications for shift swapping and approvals add an extra level of convenience for managers and employees alike.

Enable Your Workforce with Flexible Scheduling

Get Actionable Workforce Staffing Insights

Predict staffing needs across groups, time periods, and more, while keeping compliant (and freeing up time for the things that drive business growth).
Predictive HR Analytics Turnover Predictions & Workforce Projections

Maximize Employee Engagement by Enhancing Their Experience

Keep your staff informed about schedule updates and changes, request time off, and give them the power to customize their schedules as needed.

Creating an open platform for feedback and collaboration is key to fostering a positive and productive work environment!

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isolved Workforce Scheduling Features

Receive Instant Mobile Notifications

Get instant mobile notifications, empowering eligible employees to access shifts as they become available. Utilize an Adaptive Employee Experience - optimized for real-time notifications.

Customize the Values that Matter to You

Personalize the criteria for counting employees per shift by adjusting values like work hours, occupancy percentage, and more.

Schedule Employee Shifts in Bulk

With just a few clicks, you can schedule large groups or an entire organization, set up staffing rules, and assign employees to their shifts using an easy-to-use, graphical scheduler.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Workforce Scheduling make the scheduling process more efficient?

Workforce Scheduling automates the scheduling process, taking into account employee availability, skills, and business needs to create optimal schedules. This reduces the time spent on scheduling and helps avoid mistakes!

Can the workforce scheduler handle different types of work schedules?

Yes! Workforce Scheduling is flexible and can manage all sorts of schedules including full-time, part-time, shift work, and remote work. It also takes into account holidays, leaves, and time-off requests.

Does the staff scheduling system take into account employee preferences?

Absolutely! Employee preferences for shifts and days off can be entered into the system, and the scheduler will do its best to accommodate these preferences while still meeting business needs.

Can this help us ensure fair distribution of shifts?

Yes, the workforce scheduler is designed to distribute shifts fairly among employees, taking into account factors like seniority, skills, and workload. This can help improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.

How does isolved Workforce Scheduling help us comply with labor laws and regulations?

It can be set up to enforce compliance with labor laws and regulations, such as maximum work hours and mandatory rest periods. It also keeps a record of all schedules for auditing purposes.

Does Workforce Scheduling software provide any reporting or analytics capabilities?

Yes, it provides comprehensive reports on scheduling trends, labor costs, employee productivity, and more. This data can be used to make informed decisions about workforce management.

Can this help us manage last-minute schedule changes?

Yes, the workforce scheduling system allows for easy adjustments to the schedule and will automatically notify affected employees of any changes. It also enables fast and easy approvals for shift swapping. This helps ensure smooth operations even when unexpected changes occur.

Does a workforce scheduler improve employee satisfaction?

By providing a fair, transparent scheduling process and taking into account employee preferences, Workforce Scheduling can help improve employee satisfaction. Our workforce scheduler also maintains employee satisfaction by notifying employees when schedules go live, providing ample time for adjustments.

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