An Employee Experience Platform That's Better by Design

With access anytime, anywhere, from any device, maintaining optimal employee experience no matter where they work has never been easier with isolved Adaptive Employee Experience.

Adaptive Employee Experience

A better employee experience, by design.

The Employee Experience Platform Built for Today's Workforce

Now more than ever, it is essential to provide application and data access anytime, anywhere, and on any device. The experience of your workforce directly impacts your customer experience and overall business success, whether working remotely or on-site.

That's where isolved Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) shines. Deliver your team a streamlined and modern experience with a personalized user experience. On iOS, Android, or desktop platforms, you'll enjoy a consistent, engaging interface that caters to all your business and personal needs. With an employee-centric platform, you can future-proof your business and create a comprehensive environment for all your workforce needs.

Maximize Employee Experience

Elevate your employees' experience with isolved AEE - where no one misses out. Every worker can access critical HR services no matter where they're working from. Whether it's iOS, Android, or desktop, they'll enjoy a uniform and immersive experience, tailored to their requirements.
Adaptive Employee Experience - Maximize Employee Experience

Enable Self-Service Accessibility

The self-service accessibility enables HR leaders and employees to view and collaborate on essential tasks with ease. From time-off requests to pay statements, all in compliance with ADA standards, WCAG 2.2 at AA conformance level, and Section 508.

Adaptive Employee Experience - Enable Self-Service Accessibility

Boost Communication & Productivity

isolved AEE enhances communication and productivity for HR teams. With instant notifications and rapport-building tools, employees stay connected around-the-clock. By keeping everyone in the loop, morale, productivity, and workplace culture can flourish.

Adaptive Employee Experience - Boost Communication & Productivity

isolved Adaptive Employee Experience Features

Automate HR Processes

Self-service time punching, accurate time reports, streamlined leave requests, and easily accessible time-sensitive information for supervisors - all of these reduce the usual backlogs and administrative burdens associated with managing requests.

Self-Service Onboarding

The isolved Adaptive Employee Experience allows employees to onboard from the comfort of their own device, whenever they please. It's flexible, easy, and accessible, making onboarding a breeze.

Ensure Security & Compliance

With isolved AEE, rest assured that your company remains compliant with regulations by using a single record system for employment information, HR, payroll, benefits, and other essential data.

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