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Organizations face a pivotal challenge in today's rapidly evolving work landscape: Sustaining effective HR operations and fostering employee engagement.

With the rise of flexible work, traditional HR approaches struggle to meet the accessibility and efficiency demands of modern employees. This results in administrative bottlenecks, fragmented communication, and reduced workforce satisfaction, underscoring the need for on-the-go access. The absence of a flexible, self-service solution can hinder productivity, impede compliance, and negatively impact overall efficiency.

isolved Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE) is a seamless, secure, and self-service way to access a modern HCM platform that helps you effortlessly manage the entire employee journey and adapt to future workforce needs. It supports efficiency and improves productivity by providing access to accurate and consistent employee information and automated workflows in one place.

Scheduling was fully manual before isolved. We had 60,000 rows of data with 40 to 50 different shifts, not including special schedules. Now, we have saved about two months for our HR staff."

Average ROI of using isolved.

*Nucleus Research ROI Guidebook of isolved People Cloud, 2023

Businesses utilize isolved across the US.

*isolved HCM, 2023

Employees utilize isolved across the US.

*isolved HCM, 2023

Paper cost savings annually via isolved's digital experience.

*Nucleus Research ROI Guidebook of isolved People Cloud, 2023

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"The Big Fish Restaurant Group was founded in 1997 and has grown to 18 unique restaurant concepts today. Our unmatched hospitality and delicious food have created a following of loyal guests both local to Delaware and visiting. We currently employ over 700 team members. Throughout our growth, Payroll Network [PNI•HCM] has supported us with outstanding payroll and human resources software and services, as well as superior client support."
Holly Monaco
VP of Operations, Big Fish Restaurant Group
“Several months ago, VFC made the move to Dealer People Cloud [PNI•HCM]. Their onboarding process was simple and smooth. Their support through that process and continued support have been outstanding. The DPC system is very easy to use. We highly recommend DPC for any organization and definitely for auto dealerships because of their commitment to the industry and industry knowledge.”
Martin Schwartz
President, Vehicles for Change
“I love isolved, and I love all the customer service reps at Payroll Network [PNI•HCM]. I have never experienced such exemplary customer service. The staff at Payroll Network, whether they are from Sales, Marketing, or general Customer Service, are top-notch. I have never encountered one customer service rep that didn’t make me feel like I was their number one priority. We all could take a lesson from you!”
Dana Johansen
FR Conversions
“After having processed payroll in-house, I decided to outsource the payroll processing function so that I could focus my efforts on more strategic issues for my company. We chose Payroll Network [PNI•HCM] and have never had any problems. The Payroll Network support team is excellent.”
Martha Van Dale, CPA
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
“You always solve my problem with just one call.”
Lexi S.
Finance Specialist, Washington Global Public Charter School
"We have been a Payroll Network [PNI•HCM] client for more than a decade. We are very pleased with the team and technology."
George Criswell
President, Criswell Automotive
"Payroll Network [PNI•HCM] is our payroll service of choice when it comes to helping our clients find a reliable and professional payroll service provider. We use Payroll Network for our firm’s payroll service and have for years."
Vince Crescenzi, CPA, CVA, CFE
Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C.
“In an environment where so many service-based businesses no longer understand customer service, you are a shining star. Imagine a company who actually cares if we are happy! What an awesome group you have, and trust me, ask anyone who knows me. I can be one tough cookie.”
Patricia B.
Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC

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