Meet Our Partner: Employer's Choice

Boost Employee Wellness, Slash Payroll Costs – It's a Win-Win with Employer's Choice

A no-cost employee wellness plan that pays your employees - and you.

Boost Employee Wellness & Cut Costs – Risk-Free.

Introducing Employer's Choice: The Wellness Plan That Makes Cents

Tired of wellness programs that cost a fortune and deliver minimal results? Employer's Choice is different. Employer’s Choice Puts Health First  by prioritizing and incentivizing preventive health care for employees and, at the same time, benefits employers through tax savings.
This innovative cafeteria plan, now offered through a Section 125 Preventive Care Management Program, is completely free for your organization and provides tangible financial benefits to both your employees and your bottom line.

What's in it for Your Employees?

Extra Cash


Extra Cash in Every Paycheck: Participants often enjoy an extra $10-$50 in their paychecks from pre-tax savings and incentives.

Financial Wellness Education


Financial Wellness Education: Employees gain access to expert resources and guidance to improve their financial health. 

Holistic Wellness Activities


Holistic Wellness Activities: Reimbursable wellness benefits include gym memberships, fitness classes, stress relief, and preventive screenings.


What's in it for Your Company?

Zero Cost

Zero Cost: If eligible, Employer's Choice comes at absolutely no cost to your organization.
Significant Payroll Savings


Significant Payroll Savings: For each participating employee, you'll typically save $50-$75 per month in payroll taxes.
Happier Workforce


Happier, Healthier Workforce: Employees who feel valued and supported are more engaged, productive, and loyal.


We help you every step of the way.

How the Employer's Choice Program Works


1. Census Report

We'll pull the necessary data directly from isolved to identify eligibility.


2. Eligibility Review

USHC conducts a thorough review to confirm eligibility and calculate net savings.


3. Employee Education

USHC will provide comprehensive educational materials to explain the program benefits and how to participate.


4. Automatic Enrollment

Eligible employees are automatically enrolled by USHC, making it easy for them to start saving and improving their well-being.

Continued Eligibility Requirements:

Monthly Activity Tracking: Employees need to complete just one wellness activity per month to remain enrolled and receive their reimbursement. If they don't participate, they're unenrolled for that month and not charged, avoiding unnecessary fees and maximizing the wellness reimbursement.

Paycheck Boost & Payroll Savings

See the difference the Employer's Choice Wellness Plan can make.

The Bottom Line

Gain A Healthier Workforce & A Healthier Budget

Employer's Choice is more than just a wellness program – it's a strategic investment in your most valuable asset: your people.

By promoting financial well-being and rewarding healthy habits, you're creating a positive workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent. And with the significant payroll savings, it's a financial decision that simply makes sense.

Gain A Healthier Workforce & A Healthier Budget

Get Started with Your No-Cost Wellness Upgrade

We understand that navigating employee benefits can be overwhelming. Let us handle the details while you reap the rewards.

Get Started with Employer's Choice

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any health activities required to stay active in the program?

Employees perform ONE activity per month of their choice, and the 15-minute Health Profile is the only requirement.

We recommend employees start by completing the online Health Profile, however, they can complete it any month of their program year. The Health Profile will personalize the Personal Health Dashboard to the employee and predict future risk burdens.

What is the Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD)?

The Personal Health DashboardTM (PHD) is a secure online personalized web portal that can be accessed at any time from any device. It houses the benefits in the My Benefits tab as well as numerous other health tools, including:

  • Online Health Risk Assessments

  • Online medical library and video library

  • Road to Wellness Behavior Modification Modules for Nutrition, Fitness, Stress, and Tobacco

  • Risk Resolution Guidelines Electronic Medical Records

  • Personal Health Assessment Reports

  • Trackers for exercise, sleep, hydration, and others

  • Integration of Fitbit, Garmin, and other wearables

  • Identity Theft Protection

What types of health activities are included?
  • Financial Wellness Education & 1:1 Counseling

    • Through our partner, The Foundation for Financial Wellness.

  • Personal Health Dashboard™ 

    • Numerous Resources 

    • Health Predictive Modeling 

    • Gamification 

  • Industry Leading Wholeistic™ Coaching 

    • Unlimited personal appointment-based access to an RN Health Coach 

    • Coaches are certified by Health Coaches of America, a USHC Company 

    • Coaches work on specific goals with members on categories of lifestyle, predisease, disease management, mental health management, and behavior change 

    • Completely confidential and at no additional cost 

  • 24/7 No-Cost Telemedicine 

    • Unlimited with no co-pay 

    • U.S. board-certified doctors with an average of 15 years of experience 

    • Prescriptions can be sent to the nearest pharmacy, if medically necessary and 70+ urgent care medications available at no cost 

    • Primary Care, Urgent Care, Rx and Pharmacy Care and Mental Health Therapy 

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    • Assistance for mental and behavioral health, including substance abuse, in person or virtual

    • Legal counseling and financial advice

    • Thousands of self-care articles, resources, and free webinars

    • 24/7/365 Video, chat or telephonic access

  • HealtheCommunications™ 

    • HealtheDigest™ weekly email newsletter about topics of interest 

    • HealtheNews™ newsletter emailed to HR Managers or to participants 

    • Monthly Health Newsletter emailed, texted, or mailed to participants for compliance 

    • Customized activity reminders and program benefit emails 

  • And much more…