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A unified HCM solution for higher education payroll, time, and benefits.

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isolved People Cloud is an outstanding HCM solution that eliminates the cumbersome tasks that often challenge educational administrative professionals.

The platform includes features that simplify payroll and tax for student employees. It enables the easy exporting of general ledgers and provides a specific salary and benefits structure that caters to your school’s individual needs.

By utilizing isolved People Cloud in higher education, you can reduce time consumption while improving accuracy and boosting engagement. This comprehensive HCM solution surpasses the typical HCM to provide a seamless connection and streamlined management of your workforce while also adapting to the ever-evolving future of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can isolved People Cloud adapt to our unique academic calendar for payroll and benefits administration?

Yes, isolved People Cloud can be customized to align with your school’s specific academic year, ensuring that payroll and benefits administration fit seamlessly with your institution's operational timeline.

How does isolved People Cloud facilitate compliance with changing tax and employment laws?

isolved People Cloud automates compliance processes, ensuring that your institution remains up to date with the latest tax regulations and employment laws. This includes automating tax calculations and offering comprehensive resources for HR compliance.


Furthermore, the 3(16) serves as the fiduciary responsible for processing participant loan & distribution requests as well as making beneficiary determinations. Additionally, the 3(16) is responsible for procuring the required ERISA Fidelity Bond and the timely filing of the annual Form 5500 information returns for the PEP.


So, overall, the named 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator is required to perform all the functions necessary to maintain your plan’s ongoing compliance – relieving all Adopting Employers of these burdens.

How can we use isolved People Cloud to support our school’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives?

isolved People Cloud enables your institution to manage giving and volunteering programs more effectively, track CSR activities, and engage employees in philanthropic efforts, thereby enhancing your school’s commitment to social responsibility.

How does isolved People Cloud ensure the security of our sensitive employee information?

Data security is a top priority for isolved People Cloud. The platform employs industry best practices and complies with data protection regulations to ensure that sensitive employee information is securely managed and protected.

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