Recruit Assist Simplifies The Recruitment Process for Your Business

From building an applicant database to creating job postings, we help organizations of all sizes streamline their recruitment process. It's like having a dedicated Recruitment Assistant!

isolved Recruit Assist Supercharges Your Hiring Process, Boosting Efficiency & Effectiveness. 

isolved Hire Recruit Assist empowers you to streamline your hiring process, cutting down the time to hire.

Our HR Advisor team collaborates with you to enhance job postings, interview questions, candidate reviews, and even phone screenings for applicants.

This enables you to focus on quality candidates during the interview process more efficiently.

Job Analysis Review

The HR Advisor team conducts job analysis reviews that assist recruitment by evaluating your company culture and important position details.

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Phone Screens

The HR Advisor team provides support by conducting and documenting phone screens for applicants and assisting in presenting strong candidates for consideration and interviews.

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Applicant Reviews

The HR Advisor team utilizes isolved Hire to review applicants, efficiently refining the pool of candidates for open positions.

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Stay Organized

The HR Advisor team tailors and manages the isolved Hire database, including customized statuses, messages, and other applicant-related features for an enhanced recruitment process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is isolved Hire Recruit Assist and how can it help with my high volume of applicants?

isolved Hire Recruit Assist is a comprehensive recruitment solution designed to streamline your hiring process. It aids in efficiently managing a large influx of applicants by quickly identifying strong candidates, thereby saving you time and resources.

How does isolved Hire Recruit Assist improve the efficiency of our recruiting process?

The platform automates several recruitment process steps, from posting job openings to filtering applicants based on predefined criteria. This automation helps reduce manual tasks and allows you to focus your efforts on evaluating top candidates.

How does isolved Hire Recruit Assist handle applicant tracking and communication?

The platform offers an integrated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that organizes and tracks all applicant communications and statuses in one place, making it easy to manage and engage with candidates throughout the hiring process.

How customizable is the recruitment process with isolved Hire Recruit Assist?

The platform offers extensive customization options, from job postings and screening questions to workflows and communications, ensuring the recruitment process aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

What makes isolved Hire Recruit Assist different from other recruitment solutions on the market?

Its combination of advanced automation, integration capabilities, dedicated support, and customization options distinguishes isolved Hire Recruit Assist from other solutions, offering a comprehensive tool that addresses the unique challenges of modern recruiting.

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