We Know Managing Payroll & Operations for Restaurants is Complex

It involves managing key aspects such as cash and credit tips, wages, and tax compliance. This is why we believe effective staff management starts with educated managers using the right payroll and HR software designed for restaurants, ensuring team happiness and financial stability.


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For busy restauranteurs that prioritize creating exceptional guest experiences - every second counts.

Running a restaurant is no small feat, and managing labor is a major challenge for most restaurateurs.

Tracking attendance and hours worked, managing employee schedules and shift change requests, dealing with payroll for restaurants tips, and complying with whatever the newest state or federal regulation of the month is are just a few of the countless tasks that require painstaking attention to detail, taking up valuable time and energy each week. Consequently, restaurants seek cutting-edge, all-in-one payroll technology solutions to streamline their human resource operations.

Enter isolved People Cloud Powered by PNI•HCM - an employee-focused platform offering the perfect solution. Providing an intuitive, connected Human Capital Management (HCM) solution, our HCM platform promises to transform Human Resource Management (HRM) while ensuring compliance with labor regulations to help avoid restaurant mistakes.

By incorporating isolved, restaurant operators can benefit from a full suite of features that will boost engagement, improve accuracy, and free up their time for more essential tasks - all without compromising on quality or your guest experience.

Minimize the Risk of Noncompliance

Constantly shifting schedules and unpredictable income can create significant hardship for workers. Although desirable for FSR employers, just-in-time or tentative scheduling can leave employees struggling to adapt. With groups advocating for fairer treatment in recent years, more jurisdictions are enacting predictive scheduling laws. FSRs that operate in multiple states may face significant scheduling and compliance issues as a result, and our team will help you navigate them.

14 Million Workers*
*As of 2023, the accommodation and food services industry had over 14 million workers, as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Yet, that number isn’t enough to fill demand—job openings continue to remain at near record high at nearly 1.4 million.
Business leaders in the restaurant industry have their work cut out for them. By creating a favorable employee experience (EX), they can gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring and retaining talent - that’s where PNI•HCM can help.

Integrations Built to Work Where You Do

Effortlessly enhance FOH and BOH productivity while simultaneously improving guest experiences.

Simplify Restaurant Payroll & Staff Management with Our Modern, All-in-One HR Software

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"The Big Fish Restaurant Group was founded in 1997 and has grown to 18 unique restaurant concepts today. Our unmatched hospitality and delicious food have created a following of loyal guests both local to Delaware and visiting. We currently employ over 700 team members. Throughout our growth, Payroll Network (PNI•HCM) has supported us with outstanding payroll and human resources software and services as well as superior client support."
Holly Monaco
Big Fish Restaurant Group, Vice President
"We are getting the hang of things, and overall the experience has been great.  If I ever have issues, I am bringing them to your team, and they are on top of it all.  They have fixed everything that I have asked for and quickly. They are all very accessible at all times and amazing to work with. I am very happy with my decision to switch to PNI.

Thank you all!"
Julie Barnett
Controller, Fish & Fire Food Group

Restaurant payroll and HR can be tedious, but they don't have to be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can PNI•HCM streamline payroll processes for my restaurant?

PNI•HCM integrates payroll and HR technology with popular POS systems, simplifying payroll processing and compliance.

Does the platform support flexible scheduling for restaurant staff?

Yes! Employees can facilitate self-service shift swaps and access real-time communication tools for easy staff scheduling and coordination.

Can the system assist with onboarding new hires?

The platform enables seamless onboarding with an adaptive employee experience, allowing tasks to be completed from any device.

How does PNI•HCM manage tax and compliance issues specific to restaurants?

We ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. isolved payroll and HCM software is designed to handle complexities like tips, wages, and tax requirements.

Is there a mobile app for managing HR tasks on the go?

Yes, PNI HCM offers a mobile workforce app for convenient access and management of HR tasks anywhere.

Can the platform help with recruiting and retaining staff?

Yes! It includes an applicant tracking system (ATS) and tools for employee development to attract and retain top talent.

Does PNI•HCM provide analytics for HR and payroll?

Every component of isolved is equipped with intuitive dashboards and advanced reporting tools, designed to consolidate and showcase essential payroll and HR information for comprehensive reporting and effective oversight.

How does PNI•HCM handle employees' tips and shift differentials?

The system is equipped to manage cash and credit tips, as well as shift differential rules.

Can PNI•HCM aid in compliance with predictive scheduling laws?

Absolutely! The system helps manage compliance issues that arise from just-in-time and tentative scheduling.

Are integrations with other systems available?

PNI•HCM offers integrations with various systems used by restaurants. We also offer integrations through the isolved Integration Marketplace.