PNI•HCM x rapid! PayCard® Payments Made For Today's Workforce

Meet Our Partner: rapid! PayCard

PNI•HCM x rapid! PayCard®: Payments Made for Today's Workforce

Business and HR leaders are continuously faced with new challenges to stay competitive in today’s gig economy. Keeping employees satisfied is key to retaining your top workers. Giving them early wage access can help.

Is Earned Wage Access the Way to Go?

Go Digital: Attract Top Talent + Lower Absenteeism & Admin Costs

Earned Wage Access (EWA) liberates employees from the restrictions of traditional pay periods, such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cycles. It revolutionizes the way we manage compensation, offering greater flexibility and financial freedom for workers.

With on-demand pay, we remove the need to wait for traditional payroll cycles, giving employees access to their pay when they need it—with zero business disruption. Through a variety of pay card and digital wallet options, employees gain flexible cash flow with access to a portion of their earned wages during the active pay cycle.

Pick how you pay.

Anyone. Anywhere in the U.S. Anyway.

rapid! Pay Options

of employees pay bills on time with on-demand pay.


of gig workers say they'd do more gig work if they were paid faster.

*1 Gig Economy Index,, February 2017


employers offer the rapid! PayCard program as a paperless pay solution.

What is the rapid! PayCard Visa® Payroll Card?

A prepaid debit card that has a variety of uses! Your pay will be deposited to your card account. You can use this card to access your pay.

Attract Top Talent & Motivate Them to Work Harder

What do you know about 'gig economy?'

When it comes to gig work, your ability to assemble the best team possible and get quality work out of them is contingent upon your ability to provide compelling benefits. Those hiring 1099 contractors are now turning to their pay platform as a new way to differentiate from other employers and bring value to their workforce.

rapid!’s ecosystem offers everything you could possibly need in a pay solution, including the ability to open a GoBank checking account directly from the platform or receive pay instantly on any debit card issued by any bank.

Now any industry can be served by rapid!

rapid! does not require a credit check; therefore, only an identity check is needed, and most people qualify. It allows you to collect and spend your pay without hassle or inconvenience. A rapid! PayCard can be used at millions of ATMs and merchant locations worldwide, anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. This card provides you with added safety and security over carrying cash.

Integrate Your Way

rapid! has two options to integrate with your organization:

  1. Easily sync up with the do-it-yourself rapid! API with isolved People Cloud
  2. Or let us take care of everything for you with the rapid! Hosted platform.
Since March 2016, Uber has used Instant Pay, powered by the rapid! platform, to make on-demand payouts to driver-partners in the U.S.

The Results:
  • Cashed out billions to Uber driver-partners.
  • Millions of Instant Pay transactions have been processed.
  • Uber driver-partners love the service, with about 80% being extremely satisfied.
  • Driver partners that use Instant Pay are far more engaged and loyal.
  • Crucial in the recruitment of new driver-partners.


Discover the Possibilities & Enhance Employee Experience

The Benefits of On-Demand Pay for Your Business

Financial well-being has a profound impact on individual performance in the workplace. Thriving businesses, in turn, bolster the local economy, creating a stronger society overall. rapid! PayCard is transforming the landscape by enhancing business profitability and fostering a world where holistic wellness reigns supreme.

Enhance Your Enterprise-Level Performance

Offer your workforce the option to quickly access a portion of earned wages before their scheduled payday without disrupting your payroll process.

Attract & Retain Employees

Provide a key benefit in a competitive market while decreasing the time to hire.

rapid! - Enhance Your Enterprise-Level Performance

Increase Employee Productivity

Eliminate the stress of financial burdens and help employees feel more valued.

Ensure Pay Accuracy

Provide access to real-time net pay calculations showing actual earnings, not just predictions.

Transform each day into a fulfilling payday experience.

Reduce employee financial stress with rapid! PayCard's on-demand pay benefit for better performance at work. Achieve measurable benefits with no charge to your company.

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