Transform Your Manufacturing Business with Automated HR Processes

Incorporating automated HR processes can lead to significant improvements in cost-effectiveness and productivity. It's time for manufacturing companies like yours to take that crucial step forward in optimizing operations!

Transform Your Manufacturing Business with Automated HR Processes

Create Meaningful Employee Experiences for Your Manufacturing Business

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing HR, Payroll & Workforce Management

Manufacturing is a foundational industry in any economy. As companies explore the advantages offered by automation for enhanced efficiency and productivity, it is vital to prioritize optimizing their most valuable resource: their workforce.

We offer comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) technology and HR services to help manufacturing businesses tackle this challenge, keeping your organization compliant while equipping business leaders with timely intelligence to inform recruitment, remuneration, staffing, and development decisions. This ultimately cuts costs and drives productivity.

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isolved People Cloud HCM for Manufacturing Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can isolved People Cloud for Manufacturers improve our hiring process to ensure we attract the best talent?

isolved People Cloud for Manufacturers offers a comprehensive talent acquisition suite, including an applicant tracking system (ATS) and talent pipeline management tools, that streamlines the recruitment process. This makes attracting and retaining top talent easier by optimizing job postings, simplifying applications, and efficiently tracking candidates throughout the hiring process.

How does isolved People Cloud help our manufacturing facility to reduce operational errors and enhance the bottom line?

isolved People Cloud helps reduce operational errors and enhance the bottom line by offering features like job costing/transfer punching, paperless onboarding, and real-time labor data integration with MRP/ERP systems. These features minimize manual data entry and ensure accuracy in operations, leading to cost savings.

Can isolved help us manage complex compliance requirements specific to the manufacturing industry?

The isolved People Cloud for Manufacturers includes features like OSHA requirement management and formatted reporting, simplifying compliance tracking. Role-based access control protects sensitive information, helping your business meet its legal obligations and stay compliant with industry regulations.

isolved People Cloud's OSHA management and reporting feature benefits your manufacturing facility by helping you comply with OSHA regulations and ensure a safe working environment. This proactive approach to safety management can reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and associated costs.

What retirement solutions does isolved offer to help us support our employees' future financial security?

The platform provides add-on retirement solutions through PNI•Retirement Solutions, including employer-sponsored plans like PNI•401k and PNI•IRA. These options offer valuable alternatives to state-mandated retirement plans, helping employers support their staff's retirement savings.

Does isolved People Cloud offer solutions for tracking and managing Worker’s Compensation claims within our manufacturing facility?

Yes, isolved People Cloud offers solutions for tracking and managing Worker's Compensation claims. This feature helps your manufacturing facility manage and report on Worker's Compensation claims efficiently, ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

Are there robust timekeeping solutions within isolved People Cloud suitable for our manufacturing facility's rugged environment?

Yes, isolved People Cloud offers rugged time clocks with biometric, proximity, bar code, mag stripe, and key punch data collection options. These are designed to withstand the rugged environment of manufacturing facilities and are connected via Ethernet/mobile communications, ensuring reliable and accurate timekeeping.

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