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The Importance of Payroll & Human Resources Software for Auto Repair Shops

Let us take a guess. You probably started your repair shop or became an automotive repair shop franchisee because when you were young, you had a passion for cars, and working on them all day would be a dream come true

Or you're a savvy business person who saw an opportunity to own a franchise in an industry that’s recession-proof and invest in hard-working, blue-collar middle-class Americans in the automotive industry by truly believing you could make a difference in your employee's lives and your customer's lives. 

Fast forward a few years (or decades), and the transition from an automotive hobbyist/franchisee to a business owner has brought with it a realization that running an auto shop requires way more than just a love of cars. 

And if running an auto repair shop wasn’t challenging enough, managing your payroll and HR can be even more difficult and time-consuming. You need to find employees that are actual automotive subject matter experts, onboard them effectively, keep them safe, and ensure they are satisfied with their jobs to retain them. And that's just the beginning.

PNI•HCM is your all-in-one auto repair shop HR and payroll solution that can help you automate your HR processes, improve employee satisfaction, and enable you to stay ahead of the curve in your efforts to attract and retain qualified technicians.

An enormous looming issue facing the automotive repair industry today is finding and recruiting qualified automotive repair technicians. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 237,000 positions are projected to open up in the automotive repair field from 2014-24. With a large volume of auto techs retiring in the coming years, recruiting and retaining quality workers becomes a top priority.

The challenge is intensified as younger workers shy away from auto repair as a career path for less labor-intensive careers. Hence, it's essential to formulate effective hiring and retaining strategies amidst this skill deficit now rather than later. Queue: The PNI•HCM Team.

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“Several months ago, VFC made the move to Dealer People Cloud (DPC). Their onboarding process was simple and smooth. Their support through that process and continued support have been outstanding. The DPC system is very easy to use.We highly recommend DPC for any organization and definitely for auto dealerships [and repair shops] because of their commitment to the industry and industry knowledge.”
Martin Schwartz, President
Vehicles for Change

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