Transform Your Practice with Our Healthcare Workforce Management Software

We understand that staff turnover can wreak havoc on Healthcare and Wellness operations. That's why we've created specialized HCM technology and HR services tailored to you.

Transform Your Practice with Our Healthcare Workforce Management Software

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A Healthcare Workforce Management Software Solution That Lets You Focus on What Matters Most – Your Patients & Clients.

Healthcare and Wellness providers face workforce management issues that go beyond the challenge of attracting and finding talent. Filling open positions can be costly due to lengthy healthcare employee onboarding periods, regulatory demands expanding at a rapid pace, and differing IT systems around healthcare offices *that don't talk to each other* can all impede business expansion and sanity.

By addressing these issues head-on, you can foster a supportive workplace environment, enable growth, and lessen administrative costs. 

So, how can we help?

isolved People Cloud powered by PNI•HCM offers solutions to keep your practice compliant while arming your leaders with timely information relevant to recruitment, compensation, staffing, and employee development. Our goal is to help optimize the care you provide and efficiently grow your practice, all while creating the experience your employees deserve.

Do we help DSOs? Of course.

By leveraging isolved People Cloud's solutions, Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) can benefit from the same streamlined processes for recruitment, compensation, staffing, and employee development that other healthcare and wellness providers have come to appreciate. Fostering a supportive workplace environment with efficient HR processes allows DSOs to maximize their growth potential and create positive experiences for their team members.  

Alarming Stats Highlight the HR Challenges Faced by Healthcare Providers:

The number of healthcare jobs in the US will grow nearly 12% between 2018 and 2028, nearly double the projected rate for all other occupations. 
73% found talent retention more difficult over the last 12 months (100% in Assisted Living) - isolved HCM
90% of hospital executives believe that in the next 10 years, they will experience a deficiency of specialists, generalist physicians, nurses, and other clinicians, hampering the ability to provide high-quality care.


We’re proud to be a member of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), which serves 60,000 medical practice administrators, executives, and leaders. It provides resources for 15,000 group medical practices ranging from small private offices to large national health systems with 350,000 physicians.
We support MGMA in making a positive difference for those ready to build a better world. 
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Given recent events, it's become increasingly important for healthcare operations to provide their employees with the tools to collaborate, offer feedback, and remain engaged. Learn how investing in enhancing employees' experiences through HCM technology can improve your practice’s profitability today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can isolved People Cloud for Healthcare help reduce workforce turnover in our organization?

isolved People Cloud for Healthcare provides comprehensive HCM technology that includes tools for insightful analytics on employee performance and satisfaction, helping you identify potential issues before they lead to turnover. It also offers robust recruitment and onboarding features to ensure you attract and retain top talent.

In what ways does your platform support compliance with healthcare regulations?

The platform is designed with healthcare compliance in mind, offering features that help manage complex labor laws and healthcare regulations. It automates many compliance processes, ensuring your organization stays up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and reduces the risk of non-compliance penalties.


Furthermore, the 3(16) serves as the fiduciary responsible for processing participant loan & distribution requests as well as making beneficiary determinations. Additionally, the 3(16) is responsible for procuring the required ERISA Fidelity Bond and the timely filing of the annual Form 5500 information returns for the PEP.


So, overall, the named 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator is required to perform all the functions necessary to maintain your plan’s ongoing compliance – relieving all Adopting Employers of these burdens.

What makes isolved People Cloud for Healthcare different from other HCM solutions?

Unlike generic HCM solutions, isolved is specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by the healthcare industry, including compliance with healthcare-specific regulations, managing a diverse talent pool, and optimizing patient care staffing. Its comprehensive suite of tools is designed to address these specific needs efficiently.

Can isolved help in enhancing the quality of patient care?

Yes, by optimizing workforce management, ensuring compliance, and focusing on employee development, isolved indirectly contribute to better patient care. Satisfied and well-managed staff are more engaged and effective in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

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