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Our Greatest Strength is Our Remarkable People

At PNI•HCM, we stand out because of our unwavering dedication to providing the highest level of service to every employee, client, partnership, and community member. Our core values of Excellence, Positivity, Teamwork, Service, Integrity, and Creativity are never compromised.

Our actions reflect our values, which is why we don't just talk about them:
We embody them.

Our Story's Beginning:

PNI•HCM, formerly known as Payroll Network, Inc., was established in Rockville, Maryland in 1998 by former ADP executives with the aim to revolutionize the HR and payroll industry. Today, PNI•HCM is one of the largest private payroll and HR firms in the US.

We were among the first to adopt and partner with the isolved HCM platform in 2014, and our partnership has flourished ever since. Plus, we've been honored as Partner of The Year for the past 2 consecutive years.

With a presence in over 20 states, PNI•HCM boasts impressive success rates, including 98% implementation satisfaction, 94% client retention, and a remarkable NPS score of 87!

Today, PNI•HCM is one of the largest private payroll and HR firms in the US.

So, what makes PNI different from other HCM providers?

For years, Human Capital Management (HCM) providers have focused on the payroll and HR admins, but we are taking it to the next level. We’re building our brand around our clients' employees and how we improve attraction, retention, loyalty, engagement, productivity, and overall happiness/wellness.

Why focus on employee experience?​

That’s easy. Today’s worker is more complex than ever before. ​Human capital (your employees) is typically the largest expense of any organization; if not first, it’s the second. 

In recent years, the landscape of hiring and retaining workers and measuring their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction has changed.

To attract, retain, and optimize your workforce, you must first create the experience they want​ in return.

Yes, we cut checks. Yes, our technology ​is top-of-the-line. Yes, our service is unmatched. Now, we are focusing on solving your most pressing issues centered on employee experience.​

Meet Our Sensational

Leadership Team

Our History & Meet Our Team
Charlie Wolf
Our History & Meet Our Team
George Sarbacher
Chief Executive Officer
Our History & Meet Our Team
Kathy Klenner
President of PNI•HCM
Our History & Meet Our Team
Kelly Barry
Chief Financial Officer
Our History & Meet Our Team
Mary Grothe
Chief Revenue Officer
Our History & Meet Our Team
Nick Holcomb
Chief Technology Officer
Our History & Meet Our Team
Kyle Wade
Chief Human Resources Officer
Our History & Meet Our Team
Joe Young
President of GovConPay
Our History & Meet Our Team
Lizz Durante
President of Restaurant People Cloud
Our History & Meet Our Team
Craig Burris
President of Dealer People Cloud
Dan Boyer
VP of Implementation & Support
Our History & Meet Our Team
Mark Paulochik
VP of Tax Operations
Our History & Meet Our Team
Amy Miller
VP of Training

Small, Medium & Large Businesses, Franchises & Enterprises Have Trusted Us Since 1998

We’ll Help You Build & Maintain the Experiences Your Employees Actually Want at Work

At PNI•HCM, we're proud to provide the comprehensive payroll and HR solutions you need to streamline your people operations. We offer best-in-industry partnerships, unmatched customer support, and personalized services tailored to your business's needs - from recruitment to retirement.