Automated & Connected Franchise HR & Payroll Software

The isolved People Cloud HCM platform makes HR for franchise managers simple and easy by automating tasks such as payroll, scheduling, and reporting.

Automated & Connected Franchise HR & Payroll Software

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Running a franchise entails dealing with a range of challenges, but managing the workforce can be especially daunting. From keeping track of attendance and hours worked to scheduling employees and ensuring regulatory compliance, these tasks can quickly consume copious amounts of time each week.

Enter isolved People Cloud

isolved People Cloud is a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) solution that streamlines franchise HR, payroll, time tracking, and benefits enrollment while maintaining a seamless connection throughout the entire employee journey.

By embracing this connected HCM platform, you can significantly minimize the time spent on workforce management, boost employee engagement, and enhance accuracy while preparing for the future of work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does PNI•HCM simplify Payroll and HR processes for franchises?

PNI simplifies Payroll and HR processes for franchises by offering an easy-to-use Human Capital Management solution that streamlines HR, payroll, time tracking, and benefits enrollment.

Can PNI•HCM's system help with regulatory compliance?

Yes, the platform offers support for OSHA compliance and customizable reporting to ensure regulatory adherence.

Does PNI•HCM and isolved offer solutions for onboarding and talent acquisition?

Yes, the isolved platform has comprehensive talent acquisition, attract and hire, and onboarding and offboarding software that are crucial in finding the right people for your team and onboarding them efficiently. isolved has integrated tracking systems and paperless onboarding processes to quickly attract and onboard top talent.

Is there a mobile app available for workforce management?

Yes, there's a performance-ready mobile app for easy access and self-service control for the workforce.

How does PNI•HCM manage time and labor for franchises?

An all-in-one solution for handling multiple work environments, including physical and virtual time clocks. With this labor management system, you can effortlessly track employee time entries across home offices, worksites, hybrid scenarios, and more, saving you time and improving efficiency.

What kind of payroll processing support does PNI•HCM offer?

The system facilitates seamless payroll processing, including handling off-cycle payroll runs and manual check calculations. PNI also offers a managed payroll solution if you're in need of payroll to be taken off your hands completely. 

Are there any analytics or data-driven insights available?

Each module within isolved contains a dashboards and reporting features that help track data specific to that function.

How does PNI•HCM support employee development?

The platform includes features like Share & Perform, our learning management systems (LMS) and talent management to foster ongoing staff development. 

Can PNI•HCM be customized to fit specific franchise needs?

Absolutely! PNI•HCM offers customizable solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each franchise operation.