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With isolved Time & Labor Management, ensure accurate payroll and compliance while efficiently managing time, labor, and attendance across your entire workforce—even employees who are remote or on the go.

Time & Labor Management

isolved Time & Labor Management

Track Employee Time Easily with Our Robust, Cloud-Based Labor Management Software

Accurate payroll processing and time tracking are pivotal to employee engagement. When errors arise, both the worker and employer suffer severe repercussions.

Broken trust and low morale can cause talent loss, while Glassdoor reviews related to payroll errors act as red flags for new recruits.

Save time. Minimize errors. Improve compliance.

The reality is that HR is expected to get payroll right - every time. Time theft - intentional or not - can cost your business thousands of dollars, which is why it’s critical to implement an accurate and reliable process. isolved Time & Labor Management eliminates outdated software, timesheets, and spreadsheets.

Improve your payroll process by accurately tracking, managing, and processing time, labor, and attendance for your entire workforce–even those who are remote or on the go. Adaptive and scalable cloud-based HCM software facilitates strategic workforce engagement, collaboration, and compliance with all regulations, including the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Access and analyze your employee data through a single source of truth. With insights from your employee information, you’ll save time and money and reduce the risk of data loss – all while strategically improving your business and employee experience.

Employees expect payroll to be correct.

Ensuring accurate payroll in the midst of time and labor complexities is a significant challenge everywhere.

Time inaccuracies, whether deliberate or accidental, can really put a dent in your bottom line and drain resources. When it comes to distributed workforces, nailing down precise time and attendance management poses a host of distinct challenges. Outdated time-tracking tools only add to the complexity.

Enter isolved Time & Labor Management

isolved Time & Labor Management is an adaptive, feature-rich product that enhances time and attendance procedures by accurately tracking, managing, and processing time, labor, and attendance for your entire workforce—even across employees who are remote or on the go.

Plus, our time and labor management software seamlessly integrates with isolved Payroll and provides an Adaptive Employee Experience.

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Eliminate Inefficiency & Payroll Errors

Effortlessly set up custom notifications for overtime pay, missed punches, or punches outside of designated areas. Enhance efficiency and accuracy by resolving time card objections promptly, streamlining time processing, and eradicating costly payroll errors with isolved Time & Labor Management
Eliminate Inefficiency & Payroll Errors

Introducing Flexible Time Tracking

An all-in-one solution for handling multiple work environments, including physical and virtual time clocks. With this labor management system, you can effortlessly track employee time entries across home offices, worksites, hybrid scenarios, and more, saving you time and improving efficiency.

Introducing Flexible Time Tracking

Ensure End-to-End Time Visibility

Gather and organize time tracking data using isolved People Cloud across HR procedures. With the isolved Adaptive Employee Experience, employees and managers can collaborate via any device.

Ensure End-to-End Time Visibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Time & Labor Management help streamline our payroll process?
Time & Labor Management automates the collection, calculation, and entering of time data into your payroll system. This not only saves time but also eliminates the risk of human error associated with manual data entry.
The time and attendance software ensures that employees are paid correctly for their work, reducing the likelihood of payroll disputes and ensuring a smoother payroll process.
Can the labor management software handle different types of employee schedules?
Yes! Whether your employees work standard hours, shifts, part-time, or have flexible schedules, Time & Labor Management is designed to accommodate a wide range of scheduling scenarios.
You can set up different rules for different types of schedules, ensuring that all time is tracked accurately regardless of how your employees work.
How does Time & Labor ensure accurate time tracking?
Time & Labor Management uses advanced technology to track when employees start and stop work, as well as tracking breaks, meal times, and overtime.
Employees can also confirm and submit their hours at the end of each pay period, providing an additional layer of verification. This ensures that all time data is accurate and up-to-date, leading to more accurate payroll.
Can the labor management software help us comply with labor laws and regulations?
Absolutely. Our labor management software automatically keeps track of all necessary time and labor data and generates reports that can be used for compliance purposes. This includes tracking overtime, ensuring appropriate breaks are taken, and keeping a record of all time worked.
This not only helps you comply with labor laws but also provides a clear audit trail in case of any disputes or investigations.
How can Time & Labor Management handle time tracking for our remote workforce?

Time & Labor Management offers a mobile app that allows employees to clock in and out from their phone or other mobile devices. This ensures that all time is tracked accurately, even if employees are not physically present at a work site. The app also includes GPS tracking, so you can confirm that remote employees are working from their assigned location.

Does Time & Labor provide any reporting or analytics capabilities?

Absolutely! The system provides detailed reports on all aspects of time and labor management. This includes reports on total hours worked, overtime, time-off requests, and more. These reports can be used to inform payroll, ensure compliance with labor laws, and gain insights into labor trends and inefficiencies.

Can Time & Labor Management help us manage employee time-off requests?
Our Time & Labor Management software includes a feature that allows employees to request time off directly within the platform. Managers can then approve or deny these requests based on business needs and employee entitlements.
This streamlines the time-off request process, reduces administrative workload for managers, and provides a clear record of all time-off requests and approvals.
Is the time and attendence software easy to use for both managers and employees?
Certainly! The time and attendance software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly.
For managers, the system provides a clear overview of all time and labor data, as well as easy-to-use tools for managing schedules, approving time-off requests, and running reports.
For employees, the system makes it easy to clock in and out, submit time-off requests, and confirm their hours. Comprehensive onboarding and ongoing support ensure that all users can get the most out of the system.
Can the labor management software help us reduce labor costs?
By providing accurate, real-time data on all aspects of time and labor, Time & Labor Management helps you identify trends and inefficiencies that could be leading to unnecessary labor costs.
For example, you may identify patterns of overtime that could be managed more effectively or find that certain shifts or roles are understaffed or overstaffed.
These insights allow you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your workforce and reduce labor costs.
How does Time & Labor Management simplify the process of tracking time and labor for a distributed workforce?
Time & Labor Management is designed with the needs of distributed workforces in mind. It offers a mobile application that allows remote employees to clock in and out from anywhere, ensuring accurate time tracking regardless of location. The app can also capture GPS data, so you can verify that employees are working from their assigned locations.
Moreover, the system provides real-time visibility into the work hours of all employees, regardless of where they're based. This means managers can monitor and manage employee time and labor effectively, even when the team is spread across different locations.
In addition, Time & Labor Management supports different time zones, so it accurately tracks and calculates work hours, overtime, and time-off for employees in different geographical locations. This ensures fairness and accuracy in payroll processing, no matter where your employees are located.

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