Build a High-Performance Management Culture

With isolved Share & Perform, enable high-performance management through multi-directional employee communication that drives culture transformation.

isolved Share & Perform

Built-in Employee Recognition & High Performance Management Tools

People Management Software that Helps Boost the Performance & Engagement of Your Employees

In today's economy, the biggest obstacle to success is people management. But there is a solution: isolved Share & Perform. This application can transform your employees' experience, leading to a more productive and engaged workplace. With a personalized dashboard that makes essential information easily accessible, your staff can track their progress and find opportunities to grow professionally within your organization.

Employee engagement, productivity, and well-being all improve with a clear understanding of goals and objectives. In fact, a Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey found that more than half of respondents would be more likely to stay with their current employer if they felt appreciated by their manager. Furthermore, 81% said they are more motivated to work harder when their hard work is recognized by their employer.

But Share & Perform does more than just recognize employee efforts; it makes them fun. By incorporating gamification and rewards, the program creates a competitive, yet supportive work environment that boosts performance and ultimately provides a better customer experience.

Don't just manage your employees; transform your employee's experience with isolved Share & Perform.

Tackle the Everyday Trials of Corporate Businesses Head-On

isolved Share & Perform energizes company culture, increases operational efficiency and compliance, connects virtual teams, and manages rapid growth. Say goodbye to daily pain points, and say hello to a high-performance management culture.

isolved Share & Perform - Tackle the Everyday Trials of Corporate Businesses Head-On

Reward & Recognize Performance

With isolved Share & Perform, employees can score points on a leaderboard with the help of gamification, nominate colleagues for awards, and participate in opportunities to earn prizes based on teamwork and performance. 

Points can be redeemed through an e-commerce-style gift storefront. Browse through various categories, including apparel and electronics, and they can even choose from an extensive selection of gift cards.

isolved Share & Perform - Reward & Recognize Performance

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

Empower your workforce with more meaningful paths and drive engagement to bolster your organization. With isolved Share & Perform, monitor and guide individual and collective progress to consistently connect and develop meaningful relationships with your employees.
isolved Share & Perform - Enhance Collaboration & Productivity

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