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isolved Share & Perform

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People Management Software that Helps Boost the Performance & Engagement of Your Employees

Employee engagement, productivity, and well-being all improve with a clear understanding of goals and objectives. In fact, a Glassdoor Employee Appreciation Survey found that more than half of respondents would be more likely to stay with their current employer if they felt appreciated by their manager. Furthermore, 81% said they are more motivated to work harder when their hard work is recognized by their employer.

In today's economy, the biggest obstacle to success is people management.

But there is a solution: isolved Share & Perform. This employee engagement software, a module for isolved People Cloud, can transform your employees' experience, leading to a more productive and engaged workplace. With a personalized dashboard that makes essential information easily accessible, your staff can track their progress and find opportunities to grow professionally within your organization.

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Tackle the Everyday Trials of Corporate Businesses Head-On

isolved Share & Perform energizes company culture, increases operational efficiency and compliance, connects virtual teams, and manages rapid growth. Say goodbye to daily pain points, and say hello to a high-performance management culture.

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Reward & Recognize Employee Performance

With isolved Share & Perform, employees can score points on a leaderboard with the help of gamification, nominate colleagues for awards, and participate in opportunities to earn prizes based on teamwork and performance. 

Points can be redeemed through an e-commerce-style gift storefront. Browse through various categories, including apparel and electronics, and they can even choose from an extensive selection of gift cards.

Reward & Recognize Employee Performance

Enhance Staff Collaboration & Productivity

By incorporating gamification and rewards, the employee performance management software creates a competitive, yet supportive work environment that boosts performance and ultimately provides a better customer experience.
Enhance Staff Collaboration & Productivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Share & Perform help with goal setting for employees?
Share & Perform is designed to facilitate a collaborative and transparent goal-setting process. It allows managers and employees to work together to define SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound) goals that align with the employee's role and the company's broader objectives.
The platform provides a space where these goals can be clearly articulated and documented, ensuring both the manager and employee have a shared understanding of what is expected. This clarity helps to eliminate ambiguity and sets the stage for accountability.
Once the goals are set, Share & Perform allows for real-time tracking of progress towards these goals. Employees can update their progress as they achieve milestones, providing visibility to managers and enabling them to provide timely support or recognition.
Moreover, the platform ensures alignment between individual goals and business objectives. When setting goals, the system prompts users to link them to the overall business objectives inputted into the system. This helps employees see how their work contributes to the broader mission of the company, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation.
Finally, Share & Perform also allows for the measurement of goal achievement. The platform has robust reporting capabilities that enable managers to assess performance against goals, providing valuable insights for performance reviews and future goal setting. In this way, Share & Perform supports a comprehensive, collaborative, and aligned approach to goal setting, tracking, and measurement.
Does Share & Perform offer any features to recognize and reward employee efforts?

Share & Perform includes a recognition feature that allows for both peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognition. This can be done publicly or privately, according to your company's culture and preference.

The employee engagement software allows for the customization of recognition categories to align with your company values, making recognition more meaningful. This not only acknowledges the hard work and achievements of employees but also encourages positive behavior and boosts morale.
How does Share & Perform promote manager-employee engagement?
Share & Perform promotes engagement through continuous performance management features. These include regular check-ins, whether it's 30-60-90 day plans, annual reviews, or more frequently, where managers and employees can discuss progress toward goals, address any challenges, and plan for future development.
Additionally, there is a feedback feature where constructive feedback can be exchanged between managers and employees, promoting transparency and open communication. These features ensure ongoing dialogue and engagement, fostering a strong manager-employee relationship.
Can I align Share & Perform with my company's mission and values?
Absolutely! Share & Perform allows you to input your company’s mission and values into the platform. This ensures that all individual and team goals are set in alignment with these broader objectives. By doing so, employees can see how their work contributes to the company's overall mission, fostering a sense of purpose and motivation.
Beyond goal setting, the platform's recognition feature can also be customized to reflect your company values, reinforcing them in day-to-day activities.
What kind of reports and analytics does Share & Perform provide?
Share & Perform provides a comprehensive suite of reports and analytics that give you insights into various aspects of employee performance and engagement. This includes data on goal progress, allowing you to track how well individuals and teams are advancing towards their targets. Performance trends over time can be analyzed to identify areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.
The platform also provides insights into recognition activities, showing who is being recognized, for what, and by whom. This can highlight trends in employee achievements and help identify top performers. All these insights can inform decision-making at both a strategic and operational level.

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