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Revamp your employee training program and unlock limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge learning management system. Gain access to over 85,000 on-demand courses designed for holistic skills development, all seamlessly integrated with isolved People Cloud HCM.

isolved Learn & Grow

Access over 85,000 ready-made courses or create your own!

Our Employee Training Software Helps You Unleash a World of Opportunity

With isolved Learn & Grow, an employee training LMS, you can upload your own custom content and track the progress of your employees' online training with ease. This ensures that they get the right courses and patches based on their roles and needs.

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Gallup studies find that when a company offers employees educational growth opportunities, they experience:

Improvement in Productivity
Reduction in Turnover
Higher Client Satisfaction

Boost Employee Engagement

Keep your team engaged and motivated with the gamification feature, offering rewards and recognition for their progress at milestones you set. The LMS also makes learning more accessible to everyone in your organization, creating a culture of growth and development.

Encourage personal and professional growth while simultaneously improving job satisfaction.

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Attract & Retain Top Talent

Attracting and retaining top talent requires more than a few perks or a generous salary.

Set your organization apart by offering personalized staff development opportunities, career growth paths, and robust training. By doing so, you'll not only reel in the best candidates but also help them reach their full potential.

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Simplify Your Compliance Processes

Generate LMS reports and up-skill your teams with the latest harassment and state-mandated training courses in an easy-to-track, interactive online learning environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many courses will I have access to in the employee training LMS?

isolved Learn & Grow is a comprehensive platform that offers an extensive selection of over 85,000 courses.


The course catalog provides a unique opportunity to create a personalized curriculum that is specifically tailored to suit the individual roles of staff members. This allows for a highly customized learning experience that aligns with each employee's professional growth and development needs.

Is isolved Learn & Grow an LMS?

isolved Learn & Grow stands as an end-to-end Learning Management System (LMS) seamlessly integrated with the isolved Human Capital Management (HCM) system.


This system is dedicated to staff development, enhancing education, and boosting engagement with SCORM compliant courses. Within Learn & Grow, you can effortlessly assign, monitor, and oversee employee learning, ensuring compliance with mandatory training and nurturing growth.

Why should I include Learn & Grow with my payroll solution?

Research studies have shown that implementing staff development programs through an employee training Learning Management System (LMS) can significantly enhance retention rates by around 60%.


Furthermore, this approach has been proven to not only attract but also retain top talent successfully, contributing to a more skilled and dedicated workforce.

Can I assign and schedule training?

With isolved Learn & Grow, administrators have the power to search, select, and assign training to all employees within their organization.


They can effortlessly track progress, create learning paths, and upload training specific to their organization.  Admins can create automatic follow-ups for those who may need a little extra support in completing training within allocated time frames and much more.

Does isolved Learn & Grow use AI?

Yes! Powered by Go1 AI, employees can list their goals and receive suitable content suggestions and skills to learn, all within Learn & Grow.

Suggestions can be included in a personally curated playlist, facilitating on-demand skill enhancement.

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