Paperless Self Service Benefits Administration Software

Step away from the monotony of managing employee benefits administration. Simplify enrollment and boost your employee's experience with isolved Benefits Admin Powered by PNI•HCM.

Paperless Employee Self Service Benefits Administration Software

Our modular benefit enrollment system is everything your employees need – and nothing you don't.

Open Enrollment Software that Simplifies the Entire Benefits Enrollment Process for Your Workforce

Enrolling in company benefits and health care programs should be a seamless and positive experience for both employees and administrators. It's vital to establish a user-friendly process that simplifies enrollment steps and offers comprehensive information on available benefits. By streamlining enrollment and providing clear guidance, employees can make informed decisions tailored to their needs, while administrators can efficiently manage the process.

User-Friendly, Employee Self-Service Benefits Administration & Open Enrollment Software

With the isolved Benefits Administration module, employees can easily select and enroll in suitable benefits without HR assistance.

  • Configure benefit plans to suit your specifications and meet your workforce needs. 
  • Establish a seamless, self-service benefits enrollment process that provides employees clarity and transparency into their benefit plan options.
  • Enable data sharing across isolved People Cloud to reduce errors caused by data exports and time spent dealing with exceptions and last-minute corrections. 

Free up your HR team to answer questions instead of tracking paperwork with our easy-to-use employee onboarding software. Book a demo today. →

Reduce Administrative Burden with Self-Service Benefits Enrollment

Give your payroll team immediate access to benefit changes and share updates directly with insurance carriers and financial benefit providers through built-in directional (180°) and bidirectional (360°) integrations.

Free your HR team up to be more strategic instead of tracking paperwork.

Reduce Administrative Burden with Self-Service Benefits Enrollment

Manage Employee Benefits Eligibility & Compliance

Leverage built-in ACA and COBRA tools that incorporate accurate, current employee data to help your benefits management team automate reporting, reduce errors, and meet time-critical deadlines.

We also offer support for FSA, HRA, transit, parking, tuition, and lifestyle benefits all within a simple benefits enrollment portal.

Affordable Care ACT (ACA) eligibility reports

Payroll, HR & HCM Consumer Awards that Speak Volumes

Frequently Asked Questions

How does isolved Benefits Administration enhance the employee experience?
By providing a straightforward, interactive platform for benefits enrollment, isolved Benefits Administration empowers employees to make informed decisions about their benefits. This positive experience can lead to higher satisfaction and engagement levels among employees.
How does isolved Benefits Administration simplify the enrollment process for employees?
isolved Benefits Administration offers an intuitive, user-friendly platform that allows employees to easily research, select, and enroll in their desired benefits online. This reduces the need for HR intervention and simplifies the process, making it more accessible and less time-consuming.
How can isolved Benefits Administration help our company maintain compliance with healthcare laws and regulations?
isolved Benefits Administration is designed to help companies stay compliant with current healthcare laws and regulations through automated updates and compliance checks, ensuring that your benefits programs meet all legal requirements.

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