Introducing the isolved Employee Marketplace

The isolved Employee Marketplace makes it easy for your employees to save money on the products and services they use most.

All the brands your employees love - at a discount.

Earn 2% - 20% cash back on almost everything.

Not only do these savings add up over time, but they also give employees an incentive to stay at the company longer. When employees have access to these benefits and feel appreciated by their employers - and everyone wins!

This complimentary feature is available only through the Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE).

Employee Marketplace

The average employee can save up to $4,900* a year!

Get Discounts & Earn Cashback On Purchases in the Following Categories:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Employee Marketplace, and how does it benefit our employees?

The Employee Marketplace is a comprehensive platform designed to centralize access to various employee services, benefits, and engagement tools. It benefits employees by providing a one-stop shop for all their employment-related needs, enhancing their experience and satisfaction at work.

Is a mobile version or app available for the Employee Marketplace for ease of access?

Absolutely! The Employee Marketplace has a mobile-friendly version of the isolved Mobile App available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it easily accessible for employees on the go.

How often is the Employee Marketplace updated, and how are new features rolled out?

isolved continuously updates the Employee Marketplace with new features and improvements based on the latest technology trends and customer feedback. Updates are rolled out regularly, with minimal disruption to the service.

How secure is the Employee Marketplace in terms of data privacy and protection?

The Employee Marketplace is built with top-tier security measures, including data encryption and compliance with global data protection regulations, to ensure that all employee information remains confidential and secure.

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