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In an industry with an astonishing 75% turnover rate, with the right HCM technology, QSRs can optimize their most expensive asset, their people.

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A Win/Win for Everyone Involved

A consumer-like experience engages the employee, while a single, intelligently connected platform unifies the employee journey for the employer.

HR professionals recognize the need for help to improve scheduling - and employees agree.

According to isolved’s 2023 HR Trends Report, employees in the food services industry say scheduling is a top area of improvement for their HR department, second to employee engagement. isolved People Cloud helps QSRs navigate HR and payroll complexities associated with shift work and set automated workflows for seamless scheduling. This makes it easier to track time off requests and attendance and plan for staffing needs.

Minimize the Risk of Noncompliance

Constantly shifting schedules and unpredictable income can create significant hardship for workers. Although desirable for QSR employers, just-in-time or tentative scheduling can leave employees struggling to adapt. With groups advocating for fairer treatment in recent years, more jurisdictions are enacting predictive scheduling laws. QSRs that operate in multiple states may face significant scheduling and compliance issues as a result, and our team will help you navigate them.

14 Million Workers*
*As of 2023, the accommodation and food services industry had over 14 million workers, as stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Yet, that number isn’t enough to fill demand—job openings continue to remain at near record high at nearly 1.4 million.
Business leaders in the QSR industry have their work cut out for them. By creating a favorable employee experience (EX), they can gain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring and retaining talent - that’s where PNI•HCM can help.

Build Better, Smarter Schedules.

By forecasting labor demand based on historical data and current trends and making real-time adjustments to schedules, QSRs can ensure there are always enough employees on the schedule to meet customer demand.

QSR Quick Service Restaurant Management Build Better, Smarter Schedules.

Automate Even the Most Complex QSR Workforce

Through automated scheduling, QSRs can easily generate schedules based on predefined criteria such as employee availability and skill sets, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.

QSR Quick Service Restaurant Management Automate Even the Most Complex Workforce

Employee Schedule Self-Service Means You Can Focus On What Matters

Communication and collaboration among staff are improved through an online portal where employees can swap shifts and get notified of schedule changes or other important updates.

QSR Quick Service Restaurant Management Employee Schedule Self-Service Means You Can Focus On What Matters

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