Compensation Benchmarking Software Built to Enhance Retention

The isolved Benchmark Insights tool takes the guesswork out of your talent acquisition and retention strategy. It pinpoints your position relative to similar organizations and offers guidance on meeting the demands of today's workforce effectively.

Compensation Benchmarking Software Built to Enhance Retention - Predictive HR Analytics Turnover Predictions & Workforce Projections

When asked "What keeps you up at night?" HR Leaders agree that their top 3 stressors are:


Retaining top talent. 


Competing for top talent. 


Improving employee experience. 

Source: The Forrester Wave™: Human Capital Management, Q2 2023

But, there's good news:

You can reduce your stress, stay up-to-date with market trends, and optimize your operations with isolved Benchmark Insights.

Our position-specific industry data empowers your organization to maintain a competitive edge by offering valuable insights into market standards. Optimize your time and drive significant improvements with reliable information that helps move your business forward. 

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Understand What Works
& What Doesn't to Enhance Employee Retention

View industry benchmarks for salary, tenure, and turnover per position and compare them with your organization's data. This analysis will reveal whether you are above, below, or on par with market standards.

Connect this data to our predictive modeling and guidance capabilities within isolved Predictive People Analytics to test different scenarios and better understand the effects of your changes.

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Streamline & Enhance Your Talent Strategy

And stay one step ahead of the competition with these features:


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can isolved Benchmark Insights help my organization stay competitive with compensation?

isolved Benchmark Insights provides data-driven benchmarks from over six million employee records, enabling organizations to compare their internal positions with industry standards for salary, tenure, and turnover, helping to stay competitive and make informed compensation decisions​​.

Can isolved Benchmark Insights assist in improving our talent acquisition strategy?

Yes, by understanding and keeping up to date with industry standards for compensation, you can tailor your offers to attract and retain top talent, thus enhancing your talent acquisition strategy​​.

What specific metrics can I analyze with isolved Benchmark Insights?

You can easily view position-specific benchmarks for salary, tenure, and turnover, providing critical insight into how your organization compares with industry averages​​.

How does isolved Benchmark Insights enable better decision-making?

It leverages aggregated data from millions of employee records to provide benchmarks that help you evaluate where you stand against the competition, define goals, and create action plans to achieve desired outcomes​​.

Can I view how individual employees compare to industry benchmarks?

Yes, isolved Benchmark Insights allows you to drill down into employee data to analyze where individuals stand in comparison to benchmarks, enabling personalized and strategic compensation planning​​.

How often are benchmarks updated in isolved Benchmark Insights?

Benchmarks are updated on a quarterly basis, ensuring that your organization has access to the most current industry data for making compensation decisions​​.

Is it possible to import third-party benchmarking data into isolved Benchmark Insights?

Yes, in addition to its own comprehensive dataset, isolved Benchmark Insights allows the import of additional third-party benchmarking data for even more detailed comparisons and visualizations​​.

How does isolved Benchmark Insights integrate with Predictive People Analytics?

It complements Predictive People Analytics by providing benchmark averages for salary, tenure, and turnover, which can be used alongside predictive modeling capabilities to forecast how changes can affect future turnover outcomes​​.

Can Benchmark Insights help with internal job title matching for benchmarking purposes?

Yes, it offers the capability to match internal job titles to benchmark job titles, allowing for accurate and relevant comparisons. This functionality is flexible and does not mandate delineation by state or industry unless necessary​​.

What features does the Benchmark Insights dashboard offer?

The dashboard allows users to filter and access clickable charts for individual data analysis. It provides a comprehensive view of how salary, tenure, and turnover metrics compare to industry benchmarks, aiding in strategic planning and adjustments​​.

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