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A Look at Our Proven HCM Implementation Process

Transparent Implementation with Project Tracker®

Transparent Implementation with Teamwork PMS

Our secure, customized online portal provides real-time, 24/7 visibility into the status of your implementation and online project plan. Stay informed with clarity and confidence.

Unlimited, Complimentary isolved Training

Unlimited, Complimentary isolved Training

Take advantage of our unlimited, complimentary isolved training sessions. Our private classes ensure that your administrators are 100% comfortable with our HCM solution, using your data.

Custom isolved HCM Integration Service

Custom isolved HCM Integration Service

We follow a proven 3-phase HCM implementation process to ensure that your isolved platform is configured correctly, and extensive internal testing is carried out to verify that the system functions seamlessly.

How We Do It

Our 3-Phase HCM Implementation Process

I. Preparing to Implement the isolved HCM Platform

A. Identifying Your Needs & Requirements
B. Analyzing Your Current Systems & Processes
C. Researching Potential Implementation Solutions
D. Creating a Plan of Action

II. Implementing the isolved HCM System

A. Setting Up New Technologies & Integrations
B. Training Employees on the New System
C. Establishing Accountability Across the Organization
D. Monitoring Data & Tracking Progress Toward Goals  
E. Customizing System Settings as Needed
F. Finalizing Reports, Dashboards & Analytics  

III. Sustaining an Effective isolved HCM Solution

A. Regularly Updating Data to Ensure Accuracy  
B. Maintaining Internal Policies in Alignment with Applicable Laws & Regulations  
C. Evaluating Performance & Making Adjustments as Necessary
D. Encouraging ongoing Feedback from Employees for Continuous Improvement

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“I love isolved, and I love all the customer service reps at Payroll Network [PNI•HCM]. I have never experienced such exemplary customer service. The staff at Payroll Network, whether they are from Sales, Marketing, or general Customer Service, are top-notch. I have never encountered one customer service rep that didn’t make me feel like I was their number one priority. We all could take a lesson from you!”
Dana Johansen
FR Conversions
“After having processed payroll in-house, I decided to outsource the payroll processing function so that I could focus my efforts on more strategic issues for my company. We chose Payroll Network [PNI•HCM] and have never had any problems. The Payroll Network support team is excellent.”
Martha Van Dale, CPA
National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PNI•HCM’s approach to HCM implementation?

PNI•HCM follows a 3-phase implementation process ensuring a correctly configured isolved platform. The phases include preparation, physical implementation, and sustained performance updates and enhancements.

How does PNI•HCM tailor the implementation to a specific organization's needs?

PNI begins by identifying your specific requirements, analyzing current systems, and creating a customized action plan. We understand that each company we partner with is unique - we ensure all requirements are noted during our preparation phase of implementation.

What training support is provided during implementation?

Unlimited, complimentary isolved training sessions are provided, ensuring administrators are comfortable using their data on the platform.

How does PNI•HCM ensure the security and reliability of the implementation process?

Extensive internal testing is conducted to verify the system's seamless functioning.

Can PNI handle integrations with existing technologies during implementation?

Yes, we can integrate with existing technologies - disclosing these integrations or existing technologies during the sales process, as well as during the preparation phase helps us create a smooth implementation. 

What kind of ongoing support is offered post-implementation?

PNI offers continued support, including regular data updates for accuracy and maintaining policies in line with laws and regulations.

How does PNI involve the organization’s team in the implementation process?

We encourage accountability across the organization and welcome ongoing feedback for continuous improvement.

Are there any client testimonials available regarding PNI’s implementation process?

Yes, we will happily provide client testimonials that attest to our quality of service and customer satisfaction.

Does the HCM implementation include customizing system settings and reports?

Customization of system settings, reports, dashboards, and analytics is included in the process.

What measures are taken to ensure a smooth transition to the new HCM system?

We closely monitor data and track progress toward goals, making adjustments as necessary for a smooth transition.