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With the isolved People Cloud app, your workforce gains direct access to crucial information, such as timecards, pay stubs, vacation requests, approvals, and more, right at their fingertips. 

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The modern workforce needs modern mobile technology.

Introducing the isolved People Cloud Mobile Experience

In today's distributed work model, granting application and data access from any device is more crucial than ever. Since great employee experiences have an impact on your customer experience and business success, it's important to welcome them to the isolved People Cloud personalized user experience - a consumer-grade app that surpasses employees' expectations when it comes to usability.

Not only is the isolved People Cloud user experience user-friendly, intuitive, and fully responsive across all devices, but it also provides instant access to the HR, payroll, talent, and performance tools employees and managers need.

You get all of these features and more in one seamless technology, enhancing productivity and improving employee satisfaction, no matter where they work.

What's not to love about simple Employee Self Service?

Mobile App Functionality
Simplified Onboarding Process
View & Update Personal Information
Complete Necessary Forms
Compare Elections & Enroll in Benefits
Click In & Out
View Schedules & Manage Time Off
View & Manage Pay Information
Access Announcements via In-App Push Notifications
Complete & Submit Expense Report
Face ID for a Secure Login Experience
Introducing the isolved People Cloud Mobile Experience

A Punch Card in Your Pocket

Punch in and out for work as well as for meals and breaks. If your employees lose service, isolved will log their actions and sync them when they're back online.

It also creates a geofence around your business and captures their coordinates to attach them to every time punch. Plus, you can verify and approve timecards from anywhere!

isolved Mobile App - A Punch Card in Your Pocket

A User Interface Built for the 21st Century

The app's modern user interface empowers your employees to control their information from anywhere, on any device. Think of it as your mobile workforce management software. From year-end forms to a filterable calendar with access to schedules, absences, hourly summaries, time-off balances, and requests - everything you need is at your fingertips.

isolved Mobile App - A User Interface Built for the 21st Century

A Customized Mobile Experience

No matter the HCM service you need, the isolved app ensures you can complete the task with ease from anywhere at any time.

From updating beneficiaries and dependencies to accessing federal reporting data, the isolved People Cloud app has you covered!

isolved Mobile App - A Customized Mobile Experience

isolved Mobile App Features

View Time & Attendance Wherever You Are

With isolved's Time & Attendance feature, employers can easily view, edit and manage their employees' time cards, calendars, and requests for time off in one central location.

The isolved app is accessible anytime, from anywhere, making it easy to stay up to date on your workforce’s attendance.

Update Pay & Tax Information on the Go

Easily manage your employees' pay stubs, tax forms, and direct deposit settings on the go with the isolved user-friendly mobile app.

Keep your workforce running seamlessly with up-to-date pay and tax information conveniently at your fingertips.

Manage Expenses from Anywhere

With isolved's expense management tracker, employers can maximize their efficiency by having employees add receipts to the system at the time of purchase in the isolved app.

This will reduce paperwork and ensure that all reimbursements are tracked in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the isolved People Cloud Mobile App?

It's an employee management application providing flexible, secure, and convenient access to isolved's Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE), enabling employees to manage HR services effortlessly from any location or device​​.

How does the isolved People Cloud Mobile App enhance employee engagement and efficiency?

The app keeps employees connected anywhere, offering a personalized experience with effective communication tools, fostering morale, and making work more engaging and productive​.

How does the mobile app differ from the Adaptive Employee Experience (AEE)?

There's no functional difference; the Mobile App is another means of accessing AEE's capabilities, providing the same experience with the added benefit of being a downloadable app​​.

Can the isolved People Cloud Mobile App be used for offline punching?

Yes, the app supports offline punching. It stores all punches made offline until the user reconnects to the internet​​.

Does the app support multifactor authentication and password-less login?

Yes, the app allows password-less authentication using biometrics like fingerprint or face recognition, enhancing security and user convenience​​​​.

Is onboarding possible through the mobile app?

Yes, the app supports the onboarding process, allowing new hires to complete necessary tasks through their mobile device​​.

How does the app handle document management?

On iOS, documents are downloaded to iOS Files and accessible using a PDF viewer. On Android, files are automatically opened using the device's default viewer for PDF files​​.

Will users receive notifications for time-off requests and other important updates?

Yes, the app provides push notifications for various updates, including time-off requests, although some notification types are still in development​​.

Can the app be used if the company is using classic instead of AEE?

No, the company must have AEE enabled to use the Mobile App. The app is designed to complement and provide access to AEE features​​.

Is there any additional cost for the isolved People Cloud Mobile App?

No, there is no additional cost for the app. It's available to all isolved users who have AEE enabled​​.

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