Manage HR & Benefits with Ease Using Our Cloud-Based HR Software

With isolved HR, automate tedious tasks while improving HR agility and impact.

HR & Benefits

No more juggling different systems or clunky integrations - just informed decisions.

Transform Your HR Function into a Strategic Business Driver with Cloud HR Software from isolved HR

Your employees demand more engaging and personalized experiences in the workplace, no matter the industry or location. Give them access anytime, anywhere with isolved HR.

  • Automate tedious tasks while increasing HR agility and impact.
  • Streamline your workflows with fully customizable forms and reports while always having real-time access to accurate and consistent employee information.
  • Stay on top of your administrative workload and reduce compliance risk with our powerful HR tools.
  • Effortlessly recruit and onboard new hires faster while reducing time-to-hire.

Take charge of your employee benefits with our easy-to-use solution. Enable employees to enroll in options that match their individual requirements and expectations. Simplify open enrollment and life event changes with a few clicks.

Sign up with isolved HR and give your employees the engaging, personalized workplace experiences they crave.

Simplify Your HR Workflows

Having a single trusted source for all your employee data means no more toggling between platforms, logging in to multiple systems, or fumbling with spreadsheets.

Say goodbye to wasted time on data entry, and hello to getting more done with isolved HR.

isolved HR - Simplify Your HR Workflows

Fully Optimize the Way You Handle Benefits Enrollment

Benefits enrollment can be a sore spot for HR and benefits managers. Filling in election forms and manually entering data can take up valuable time.

However, with isolved Benefits Services, enrollment has never been simpler. The cutting-edge Human Capital Management (HCM) system allows you to set up all the benefit plans simultaneously. Enrollments and deductions occur throughout the platform, freeing you from the monotony of administration tasks.

HR & Benefits - Fully Optimize the Way You Handle Benefits Enrollment

Enhance Employee Experience

Empower managers and staff by enabling easy form completion, quick updates to personal information, and management of life events, all through a modern and personalized employee experience with isolved People Cloud.
HR & Benefits - Enhance Employee Experience

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