Enhance Your Impact by Utilizing AI & Cloud-Based HR Software

Boost HR capabilities with isolved HR, an all-in-one solution. Streamline HR processes, centralize employee data, and offer real-time access to info for improved efficiencies and a great employee experience.

Enhance Your Impact by Utilizing AI & Cloud-Based HR Software

As organizations evolve workforce challenges rise.

HR teams are taking on more challenges and new roles, like enhancing the employee experience.

With isolved Human Resources enhanced by AI, you have the power to streamline HR processes, centralize employee data, and gain real-time access to people information in one place. Reduce administrative workload and compliance risk with access to accurate and consistent employee information, automated workflows, and configurable forms and reports, while improving your operational efficiencies and delivering an exceptional employee experience.

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Enhance Your Human Resources Capabilities with isolved HR

An all-in-one, AI enhanced HR software solution that lets you streamline HR processes, centralize employee data, and provide real-time access to  people information, helping to improve operational efficiencies and deliver an exceptional employee experience.

Give your staff access anytime, anywhere with isolved HR, and get your life back. Book a demo today. →

No more juggling different systems or clunky integrations - just informed decisions.

Transform Your HR Function into a Strategic Business Driver with Cloud HR Software from isolved HR

Become More Data-Driven & Strategic with HR Software Enhanced by AI

isolved's AI tools offer around-the-clock automated responses to frequently asked questions from the employee handbook. This streamlines the process, freeing up HR, benefits, and payroll staff from repetitive queries.

Empower your workforce to access the necessary information promptly, elevating the efficiency of isolved HR in the process.

Become More Data-Driven & Strategic with HR Software Enhanced by AI

Become More Efficient & Responsive to Your Staff

Generate comprehensive reports and track key analytics to provide your organization with real-time insights for better decision-making. Monitor ROI metrics to save time and optimize your use of isolved People Cloud.

Say goodbye to wasted time on data entry, and hello to getting more done with isolved HR.

Screenshot - Predictive HR Analytics Workforce Overview

Enhance Employee Engagement & Boost Productivity

Empower managers and staff with self-service capabilities for easy form completion, updating personal information, and managing life events.

Experience a modern and personalized employee journey through isolved People Cloud.

Enhance Employee Engagement & Boost Productivity

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can isolved HR help reduce the time spent on manual HR processes?

isolved HR automates many time-consuming manual processes, such as onboarding, payroll processing, and time tracking, allowing HR teams to focus more on strategic tasks and improving employee experiences.

Can isolved HR assist in compliance management to ensure our organization stays up-to-date with regulations?

Absolutely. isolved HR includes compliance management tools that help your organization stay current with labor laws and regulations. It provides alerts and updates for any changes in compliance requirements to minimize the risk of non-compliance penalties.

How does isolved HR facilitate better decision-making for HR professionals?

isolved HR comes equipped with analytics and reporting tools that provide valuable insights into workforce data. These insights enable HR professionals to make informed decisions regarding talent management, productivity improvements, and cost optimization.

Is integrating AI into HR genuinely effective?
Artificial Intelligence (AI) may be synthetic—yet there’s no denying its power. The concept is nothing new, but its popularity has recently surged due to new tools like ChatGPT.
It’s not science fiction—it’s a tool to take companies to the next level. Intelligent machines have arrived: are companies ready to be strategic about their potential?
To find out, we surveyed over 2,000 full-time employees in the US to gauge their perspectives and expectations of AI tools.
The Findings:
  • 50% of respondents have used ChatGPT
  • 70% would be open to using tools similar to ChatGPT at work
  • 68% of employees believe AI will improve the employee experience
  • 66% would look favorably upon their employers if they used modern AI capabilities to improve their experience

When used effectively, AI HR Tools can boost businesses, enhance employee experience, and empower HR teams to be more strategic, productive, and responsive.

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