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isolved Giving & Volunteering

Corporate Social Responsibility: Give a little, gain a lot.

Make an Impact Together with Workplace Giving Program Software

As an employer, you've already created something bigger than yourself that your employees want to be a part of. Your workforce wants a sense of purpose, they want to give back and be a part of something meaningful.

Introducing isolved Giving & Volunteering; a platform that enables employees to connect with their communities by donating directly or volunteering for charitable causes. It's a way for any size organization to initiate and manage philanthropy initiatives that were previously the reserve of large organizations with bigger budgets and Human Resources teams. It provides a simple and seamless method for managing and processing workplace giving while generating positive social impact.

With Giving & Volunteering, you can provide your employees with the opportunity they are asking for - the ability to make an impact together.

Employees would choose to work for a socially responsible company even if it meant earning a lesser wage.
Polled employees said working for a firm that encourages donating and volunteering is critical.
Millennials who rarely or never volunteer still consider a company's commitment to the greater good.

Pay It Forward & Be Rewarded with isolved Giving & Volunteering

Enable your employees to donate to charities they care about, raising funds and awareness for nonprofit organizations. Giving back has never been simpler or more enjoyable with our platform.
Pay It Forward & Be Rewarded with isolved Giving & Volunteering

Make an Immediate Impact with Automatic Employee Donation Matching

Our impact-driven donations process combines with payroll to provide individuals with giving accounts while also automating company matching. Not only that, but we also help organize and manage volunteer events, track volunteer hours, and capture stories of community impact.

We connect your organization to a network of over 2 million nonprofits, raise funds and awareness for non-profit organizations, and even promote nonprofits sponsored by your company.

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How Workplace Giving Benefits Your Business

Workplace-giving programs are a great way to benefit your business while contributing to the greater good.

Offering an employee giving program has been shown to help employers acquire and retain top talent, boost employee engagement, utilize available tax benefits, and foster awareness that helps elevate brand reputation.

How Workplace Giving Benefits Your Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does isolved Giving & Volunteering help in attracting top talent?

isolved Giving & Volunteering allows companies to align with charitable causes and manage giving programs seamlessly, making them more attractive to candidates who value social responsibility and community engagement​​​​.

What types of companies typically implement a Giving & Volunteering solution like this?

While companies of all sizes seek giving and volunteering solutions, isolved Giving & Volunteering is particularly suitable for businesses ranging from 25 to over 3000 employees, making it a versatile choice for diverse organizational scales​​.


Furthermore, the 3(16) serves as the fiduciary responsible for processing participant loan & distribution requests as well as making beneficiary determinations. Additionally, the 3(16) is responsible for procuring the required ERISA Fidelity Bond and the timely filing of the annual Form 5500 information returns for the PEP.


So, overall, the named 3(16) Fiduciary Administrator is required to perform all the functions necessary to maintain your plan’s ongoing compliance – relieving all Adopting Employers of these burdens.

How does isolved Giving & Volunteering improve employee engagement and productivity?

The program empowers employees to choose charities they support with tools that help them make a bigger impact, aligning their personal values with corporate missions and thereby increasing engagement and productivity​​.

What competitive advantages does Giving & Volunteering offer over other platforms?

Key differentiators include a large network of over two million nonprofits, single sign-on from isolved People Cloud, quick implementation within 30 days, and tax and receipt automation for easy tracking and IRS compliance​.

Can isolved Giving & Volunteering support our DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives?

Yes, it can play a significant role in DEI initiatives by allowing employees to support causes that matter to them personally, thus showcasing the company's commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace​​.

How does the platform ensure easy adoption and engagement among our employees?

Giving & Volunteering focuses on visibility and regular reminders to employees, showcasing the impact of the program and integrating it into the onboarding process for new hires​.

How does Giving & Volunteering align with our company’s social responsibility goals?

The program aligns with your corporate social responsibility goals by managing end-to-end giving and volunteering campaigns, promoting company-sponsored nonprofits and social causes, and automating processes from campaign launch through tax reporting​​​​.

What impact does participating in isolved Giving & Volunteering have on our brand awareness and reputation?

Participating in isolved Giving & Volunteering demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, improving brand perception among employees, customers, prospects, partners, and the broader business community​​.

What kind of reporting and impact measurement does isolved Giving & Volunteering provide?

The platform provides the ability to generate reports that highlight employee engagement, payroll integration metrics, and totals for corporate and individual contributions. This data supports other initiatives, including DEI&B efforts, and can be used for both internal and external communication​

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