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Your One-Stop for Comprehensive HR Advisor Support

It’s like hiring a part-time HR professional who also happens to be an expert on the isolved platform. With HR Advisor, your Human Resources will be compliant, giving you peace of mind.

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Your One-Stop for Comprehensive HR Advisor Support

Our HR Advisors are SHRM & HRCI-certified.

HR Advisor Will Help Your Team Remain Compliant - Giving You Peace of Mind

Your HR Advisor is an extension of your Human Resources staff. We audit your HR systems and data, recommend goals, and proactively work with you to develop and execute an action plan.

This ensures that your organization remains up-to-date with new rules and regulations. Partnering with HR Advisor empowers you to keep your focus on business goals whilst we streamline your HR operations.

Additionally, by working with HR Advisor, you'll be able to:

Group 239   Stay Compliant. Rules and regulations change constantly. We'll help you avoid litigation and fines.

Group 49   Save Time. Time is money. Our local, SHRM/HRCI-certified HR advisor will help take HR projects off your plate so you can focus on growth and take your HCM strategy to the next level.

Group 269   Save Money. HR Advisor is a cost-effective way to tackle your HR strategy and goals.

Group 270   Optimize isolved People Cloud. Harness the full potential of your isolved HCM solution with your own HR Advisor.

Group 271  Focus. We’ll help you prioritize your HR needs and check all the boxes.

Did You Know? Here Are Some Common HR Penalties

Let's look at the hard dollar costs of HR non-compliance.
The average cost of a small business employment lawsuit, which can take up to a year to resolve.
The potential penalty for a wage & hour violation under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
The amount a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act can cost an employer.
The average potential fine for each Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA) violation.

Do you need an HR Advisor?

Ask yourself these 5 questions to find out.

HR Advisory Services That Make Sense

A Look at Our HR Advisor Process

A look at our 5-step process.

Step 1: Current HR Audit

The HR Advisor team will analyze your HR department and operations with you. Whether you're seeking industry experts to supplement your internal HR or want to explore a new HR partnership, our advisors will identify strengths and weaknesses you can benefit from.

Step 2: HR Action Plan

Once we understand your current HR situation, we'll be able to work together to create an action plan that enhances all things HR.

Our aim is to organize and implement a complete roadmap, from employee handbooks and job descriptions to federal compliance and training policies, that help you accomplish all your HR goals.

Step 3: isolved Touchpoints

The demand for industry-leading HR technology is more apparent than ever. In 2020, companies have rapidly transitioned to virtual landscapes and are eager to eliminate paper processes. Our HR action plan includes isolved software, a powerful solution designed to remove HR responsibility and streamline processes.

With robust tools like electronic onboarding, I-9 verification, and comprehensive HCM workflows, isolved empowers you to focus on what matters most: your people. Let us help you meet and exceed your goals with our cutting-edge software.

Step 4: Ongoing HR Partnership

At PNI•HCM, we don't just construct an action plan and call it a day. That's only the beginning of our commitment to you.

As HR Advisors, we keep up with the ever-changing field and offer unlimited support to guide your path forward. Whether it's answering a complex HR question or learning how to use our software, we stand by your side every step of the way.

Step 5: Training & Empowerment

Our HR Advisors will help you optimize your HR processes with improved HCM software, providing employees, administrators, and management with comprehensive training on the new HR landscape.

We stay ahead of compliance issues, ensuring you're always prepared for changes. With a trustworthy HR partner in place, you'll be able to focus on growth, knowing we'll adjust our involvement accordingly.

Our comprehensive HR Advisor services support your organization through:

Meet Your HR Advisor Team


Kyle Wade, SPHR, SHRM-CP

Chief Human Resources Officer

Susan Webster, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MBTI-CP

HR Advisor

Judy Drucker, PHR, SHRM-CP

HR Advisor

Gwen Cooper, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

HR Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

What comprehensive HR services does PNI HR Advisor provide?

PNI HR Advisor offers end-to-end HR augmentation services, including workforce and benefits administration, strategic HR management, and compliance support.

How does PNI HR Advisor increase productivity?

Our HR Advisors are isolved experts. Not only are they highly proficient in your payroll and HCM software, but by utilizing their expertise, focusing on compliance and other HR management and administrative tasks, you free up time for strategic activities and taking care of what matters most - your people.

Can PNI HR Advisor assist with employee engagement and performance?

Yes, through the use of isolved, and by looking at your HR processes, our HR Advisors ensure you have processes in place that help to activate and engage your workforce. They also help you optimize your isovled usage where Share & Perform can help facilitate high performance.

How does PNI HR Advisor support talent development?

HR Advisor services can support talent development by implementing processes to provide, monitor, and track employee development through Learn & Grow. 

What risk management support does PNI offer?

PNI HR Advisors provide comprehensive support for compliance and risk management, backed by local, knowledgeable service.

Are there customizable options for different business needs?

Absolutely! PNI HR Advisor offers various service packages based on your company's specific needs. 

How does the integration with isolved People Cloud benefit users?

The integration ensures seamless connection and management of the employee journey across multiple HR functions, enhancing the overall HR technology investment.

What kind of training and support does HR Advisor provide?

Our HR Advisors are highly trained in the isolved platform. They can provide training and support as needed during your HR Advisor contract to ensure you are comfortable utilizing the solution built for your needs. 

Does PNI HR Advisor offer assistance with policy and handbook development?

Yes, our HR Advisor service includes custom employee handbook creation with updates and labor law poster updates for compliance.

What kind of support does isolved People Cloud offer for compliance and benefits administration?

Our platform offers compliance solutions for ACA, benefits administration tools for effortless enrollment, and HR services to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with changing regulations​​​​.