isolved People Cloud:
The Solution That Pays for Itself

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According to a study conducted by analyst firm Nucleus Research, commissioned by isolved, the payback period for isolved People Cloud is just over 7 months!

This determination was made through comprehensive customer assessments, a thorough technology review, and adherence to NASBA-approved ROI methodology.

Inside this report you will find:

  • Introduction to HR technology and its role in driving business success.

  • Real-life examples of how isolved People Cloud boosts ROI with streamlined processes and data-driven insights.

  • Key features of isolved People Cloud: payroll, HR, time tracking, employee self-service, and more.

  • Conclusion highlighting the value of investing in the right HR technology for long-term business success.

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Nucleus Research has found that the customers who utilize isolved People Cloud experience:


ROI Over a 3-Year Period

7.2 Months

Average Payback Period

And that's not all!

Over a 3-year period, isolved delivers:

Paper and printing costs


Reduction in Paper and Printing costs

HCM technology costs


Reduction in HCM Technology Costs

Increased benefits productivity


Increased Benefits Productivity

Reduction in onboarding time


Reduction in Onboarding Time

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ROI Study?

This Return on Investment (ROI) study evaluated the financial benefits of using isolved People Cloud.

It is an independent study, conducted by a highly reputable analyst firm that specializes in the HCM and HR Services space. As such it can be used confidently to demonstrate the positive impact of using isolved People Cloud and HR services on an organization.

The methodology used by the analysts is fully approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and so conforms to industry best practices for independent ROI studies.

How was it conducted?

Nucleus Research analysts conducted in-depth interviews with customers over some time to
understand their business, their challenges, and the impact (financial and otherwise) of being an isolved customer.

The analysts also conducted a full technical analysis of the platform and other due diligence.

Industries represented were: Healthcare, Professional & Business Services, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Technology. It can, however, be used by all industries as it’s an aggregate ROI that is commonly seen by all customers.

Who is Nucleus Research?

Nucleus Research is an independent analysis firm that focuses on quantifying the material impact of
technology on organizations and the analysts involved specialize in the HR industry.


Nucleus analysts are the most quoted in the industry, surpassing that of Gartner, Forrester, and IDC.
  • Nucleus has published more than 1000 ROI case studies.
  • Nucleus is the only technology research firm registered with the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy
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What were the findings?

The findings were a powerful validation of isolved People Cloud and the impact it has on customers.


The two most powerful findings were: a 201% ROI over three years and an average payback period of 7.2 months.


To learn more, download the report by filling out the form at the top of the page.

How should I use this?
While you're researching your next HR and payroll platform, use this study to help overcome the following concerns or challenges:
  • Why should I change what I’m already doing?
  • Aren’t all HCM platforms and approaches the same?
  • I need to show real benefits to my business managers to get a budget approved.
  • I don’t really know isolved, so is it a risk to go with your solution?
  • How do I know this works?
"End-of-year things like W-2s, benefits, and COBRA have all become easier to manage because we don't have to go through different platforms and portals."
"Cloud-based accessibility was not only a huge time-saving, but our old software only had a certain amount of licenses. There was a massive saving there, as we don't need as many licenses."
"isolved allows you to wear the HR hat, even when you are not in HR."

Curious to dive deeper into the powerful capabilities of isolved People Cloud?