Solutions & Benefits to Hiring, Retaining Teenagers

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July 22 2021

The hiring and retention of teenagers can be a challenging process especially in 2021 because of the labor dilemma. COVID-19 shook up the restaurant industry particularly because businesses had to give the majority of their energy to meeting safety guidelines while continuing to attract customers during a pandemic. Due to these changes, while guests have started flooding back into restaurants so have teenagers to fill the workforce gap. Retaining youth to be well trained staff can be difficult but, Delaget, provider of award-winning software, reporting and operational intelligence for restaurants, offers these four tips:

1.  Update Recruiting Methods
Don't be afraid to meet teenagers where they are. Post job openings to places that teenagers frequent (ie: school, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms). Also, make sure the application is digital and user-friendly.
2. Create A Concrete Staffing Game Plan
Map out scheduling and utilize their referrals to potentially fill gaps in in availability or lack-thereof.
3. Enhance Communication & Structure When School Starts
It's of utmost importance to be able to talk about how their availability or commitments will change once school is thrown into the picture and to be open to developing a beneficial solution to both parties about reframing priorities. It is also very helpful to have school schedules and note any extracurriculars that could help scheduling become easier. 
4. Recognizing the Benefits of Hiring Youth
A lot of times managers can overlook the benefits of hiring youthful employees and need to remember that the upside to hiring them is incredible. You are providing jobs to young adults, you are combatting burnout by engaging younger people that have more flexibility and you are giving opportunity to those who are eager to learn and grow. 



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