Employee Spotlight - Vanessa Mortley

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October 21 2022

A strong company culture largely depends on its ability to maintain wellness in the workplace. Trust, loyalty, and health can increase due to employees feeling recognized for their extraordinary efforts. 
Today, we wanted to take the time to express our sincere gratitude to all of our staff members, but especially to one who always continues to bring such joy to the workplace. 

Without further adieu, we want to introduce Vanessa Mortley, our IRS Tax Advocate Manager. We want to highlight her and allow the world to get to know her story!

Vanessa Mortley's Story:

1) Can you recall your entrance into the company?

"I was hired on 09/09/2002 at Payroll Network, Inc. when it was on Nicholson Court, Kensington, MD. I was hired by Rex Haverty and Mike Murray in the Tax Dept. I came from AA Business Services in Alexandria, VA. where I also worked in the Tax Dept. They sold to Quality Payroll in New York."

2) Can you speak to your long experience within this space?

"I have over 30 years of experience in the Tax litigation Field where I work with the IRS to resolve complex IRS tax notices such as IRS Payroll tax liens, levies, Collections notices, bank levy notices, and IRS Court Summons notices for our clients. I have an EA (Enrolled Agent) License to represent taxpayers, through a Power of Attorney Form 2848, before the IRS such as our clients at Payroll Network, Inc. I also have a Masters in Accounting and Taxation from Strayer University."

3) How are you able to maintain or deepen your knowledge?

"Every year I also attend IRS Tax Forums to meet IRS Agents (now provided by IRS virtually) and get to know them personally so that they can get to know Payroll Network, Inc. and Payroll Tax Network, LLC and what we do for our clients."

4) How do you feel about working at Payroll Network for 20 Years?

I love our Payroll Network, Inc. family and all the quality, professional, and exceptional service we all work so hard to provide our clients in all our departments at Payroll Network, Inc. Again, I want to thank you all for coming to celebrate with me 20 wonderful years!

5) Our special thank you!

Vanessa Mortley, you have been such a joy to work with over these last 20 years and we couldn't imagine highlighting a harder-working person. Thank you for your commitment to being your best self and for sharing your authenticity and vivacious personality with all of us. We support you and are excited about our continued collaboration with you! 

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