Recruiting Difficulties are a Symptom of a Bigger Problem.

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August 11 2022

Recruiting difficulties are only a symptom of a bigger problem...

Recruitment and retention issues have been a persistent problem in some industries, such as auto dealerships. According to certain research, the sales team's turnover is 70% while the overall turnover is 39%. The obstacles of the "great resignation" are added to that, making the hiring process more challenging than it has ever been. 


 In this new "reality," every industry is now vying with every other industry for access to the same talent pool of desirable, effective people who would make a wonderful addition to any team. Those who find this new reality challenging and painful must understand that recruiting difficulties are merely a sign of an ineffective process rather than the actual source of their suffering. 

 You can keep recruiting and keeping employees in line with industry standards, but you should be aware that the only way to win the recruiting battle is to spend more money. Spending more money on recruiters, placement fees, and referral fees for job adverts. However, since you are now vying with businesses from all sectors for the top employees, the team with the greatest resources or the most creative strategy prevails. 


A collaborative adjustment in attitude is the first step in an innovative new strategy to hiring and keeping staff. Marketing includes retention and recruitment. Prospective consumers are your target market, present employees are your existing customers, and your culture is your product.  

 You need to start considering how to make it simple for your prospect to hear from your existing customers about how fantastic your product is in order to make this creative shift work. 

  • Do you currently have clients (workers) who can attest to your fantastic offering (your culture)? 
  •  How can you make it simple for your prospects (potential employees) to locate these reviews? 


You need a carefully designed message that is both relevant and trustworthy in order to have a great marketing campaign. You also need to know how to reach your target demographic.  

Writing a job ad that details the qualifications and responsibilities of the position is the conventional method for accomplishing this. Post the job ad among dozens of others that are quite similar on Facebook, Indeed, LinkedIn, and Zip Recruiter. These uninteresting job postings blend in and vanish in a flash. Spending more money in an effort to stand out is the only way to do so. 

 Innovators carve out small target audience niches. Create headlines for job postings that will be seen by this niche. The content will be experience-focused and include staff testimonials. The content will be put on carefully chosen job boards that precisely target the niche audience and will be search engine optimized. 


Giving leads to a sales team and then learning that they are not promptly followed up on drives a sales leader insane. With regard to recruiting marketing, the same is true. The longer your recruiting staff waits to follow up with a strong candidate, the more likely it is that another creative recruiter will do it first. 

Like potential clients, recruits want assurance that they are working with a reputable firm that values them as a recruit. How and when you follow up will convey information about the work environment or culture the recruit is about to enter. Keep in mind that you are up against all industries. 


You undoubtedly realize as you read this that this way of thinking and this approach will have a significant impact on your company. But it will take time, money, and leadership commitment to change from who you are to who you want to be. To gain momentum, sustained effort over time will be necessary. Leadership wants to know that you are moving them on the correct path and will want to see results. The majority of HR and recruiting teams lack the technology or system needed to track progress in recruiting. 

Recruitment marketing firms can help with it. You may adjust the system and determine the impact thanks to businesses in the automotive industry like Dealer People Cloud. 

 If you stay up with the current burn and churn of turnover, they will lead you. However, if you execute this well, you will save money on hiring, have system transparency, and come across as a creative company that is a great place to work. You will experience less churn because you are utilizing your current staff and leadership in the testimony. You can either spend more money following the established industry norms, or you can innovate and succeed. 

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