World Health Day 2021 - The We & The Me

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April 7 2021

When World Health Day was created in 1948, global leaders intended to highlight and address specific issues affecting the health and welfare of all people. Fast forward to April 7, 2021, with the world reeling from the global COVID-19 pandemic which has highlighted tragic and preventable global health inequalities, and this day becomes all the more important.

2021 Theme – Eliminate Health Inequality

With close to three million people killed by the COVID-19 virus in the past year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a year-long campaign, with specific objectives and toolkits, to bring people together and build a healthier world. For information on how you can help have a positive impact on this global tragedy, visit the 2021 World Health Day website 

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.” — Buddha

Mental Health Exercise – Becoming Present

A globally prevalent side effect of COVID-19 is a huge spike in anxiety and depression, leading to an increase in death by suicide. For those already suffering from mental illness, COVID has added a dark and difficult-to-control layer. Here is a simple, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 exercise that will help you become more present. Find a quiet spot and relax. Identify and appreciate:

  • 5 things you see

  • 4 things you hear

  • 3 things you feel

  • 2 things you smell

  • 1 thing you taste

Take 10 deep breaths and carry on. Make your own mental and physical well-being a priority every day. You must take care of the “me” in order to take care of the “we.” 

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