8 Reasons Why You Should Attend the PBC Conference

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November 18 2022

8 Reasons Why You Should Attend the PBC Conference

Payroll Network had the opportunity to attend the third annual PBC Conference. As a Gold Sponsor leader, we found the event to be both motivating and transformational. We wanted to share a few justifications for why you should go if you or your company are being directly or indirectly touched by the burgeoning intricacies of the cannabis industry.

1. What is the PBC Conference?

The annual PBC Conference has acted as a gathering place for the most influential and cutting-edge corporate and political people to network and share ideas about payments, banking, and compliance in the cannabis industry.

2.  Why Now?

The banking and payments market for cannabis is developing quickly, opening up a wealth of new prospects for the ecosystem as a whole. It is time that businesses attend this roundtable of industry professionals and join the discussion in hopes of creating an inclusive future within the cannabis industry. 

3. Who Attends? 

Throughout the past three years, participants from all over the country have shared their knowledge. Informing legislation and bridging the gap between CEOs, C-suite executives, vice presidents or directors, partners of principals, managers, and politicians have both benefited greatly from the gathering of minds.

PBC 2022 Demographics by Company Industry:
  • Financial Institutions: 16%
  • Payments: 12%
  • Compliance: 12%
  • Legal: 11%
  • Regulators & Legislators: 10%
  • Cannabis Operators: 6%
  • Accounting, Taxes, Cash Management: 6%
  • Investors & Financing: 6%
  • HR & Payroll: 6%
  • Real Estate & Insurance: 4%
  • Other (Media, Industry Assoc., etc.): 11%
PBC 2022 Demographics by Attendee Title: 74% of attendees were executive level key decision makers
  • C-Suite: 35%  (of these, 15% were CEOs)
  • Partner or Principal: 11%
  • VP or Director: 28%
  • Manager and Others: 26%

Finding the benefit in understanding where you stand in the ecosystem is the most crucial factor to consider regarding who attends. It is crucial that businesses understand where they stand in the cannabis industry's depths in this dynamic environment where compliance requirements are always changing.

4. How does Payroll Network Fit Into the PBC Ecosystem?

We get to interact with businesses that are directly impacted by compliance, banking, and payment concerns, making the PBC Conference a transformative event for us to attend. Knowing that we can provide for people's needs exactly where they are in a massive way, has always been exciting.

At Payroll Network, we offer the perfect suite of expertise, technology, procedures, and partnerships to help ensure a compliant, user-friendly solution for all HR within the cannabis industry. We help you and your company simplifies manual processes in areas more than just payroll, such as HR, Time, Hiring & Onboarding, Employee Engagement, and so much more. Our services elevate your needs with product offerings including tax filing, HR Advisor coaching, and product training. We center our product offerings to align with your company's core values and empower your employees.

Our philanthropic approach enables us to form long-term relationships while also making a difference in the organizations and communities we serve. Our top priority is to provide outstanding support and service to our clients while cultivating long-term partnerships. 

We help clients across the country streamline their processes by providing local, personalized support, ultimately assisting them to scale and grow. Consider meeting us at the conference, we are always eager to align ourselves with new partners or clients.

5. Is It Important for Your Business to Learn and Have Accessibility To Top Talent?

Being involved in this community has taught us a few things, one of which is how amazing the access to keynote speakers, presenters, and regulator speakers has been. More than nine different state lawmakers are participating in the regulatory debates, and keynote speakers include Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California, Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California, Senator Jeff Merkley of Oregon, and NCUA Board Member Rodney E. Hood, to mention a few.

6.  Will Fostering Partnerships Leverage Your Business? 

Two of the most important assets are produced by the ideal fusion of elite talent and sector professions. The first involves the knowledge you may draw from conversations about payments, banking, and compliance. You may participate in a variety of panel discussions, voice your concerns, become familiar with the environment, and work to identify critical solutions for this sector, which is constantly expanding.

The second involves gathering with significant players from diverse jobs and areas in order to network, communicate, and have fun. There are countless ways to collaborate with other leaders, accomplish tasks together, combine or trade ideas, and establish genuine connections.

7. Do You Need a Platform To Spread Your Brand Awareness?

One advantage of going to this event is extending brand awareness, which is usually overlooked but is one of the most important elements of the puzzle. There are various ways to participate in the conference and take advantage of the numerous possibilities to tell the world more about who you are and what your brand stands for.

The diverse voices of participants have always been magnified by press mentions from prestigious outlets, such as Forbes, Yahoo! News, Insider, and Marijuana Moment, among others. Similar to how it recognizes business leaders, PBC bestows yearly PBC Awards in a variety of categories, including Top Payment Leader, Top Compliance Company, and Top Banking Leader. This annual event is designed to celebrate the achievements of leaders, businesses, and organizations who have significantly contributed to the development of the industry.

8. Are You Ready?

Make sure to position yourself in advance while this event prepares for the upcoming year so that you may attend while also utilizing this as a guide to leverage yourself in a room full of opportunity. Please visit the PBC Conference website for additional details on how to participate or how to sponsor the PBC conference. You can also register for the 2023 conference here.

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