HR Solutions for Every Business Owner in 2021

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April 7 2021

2020 was certainly a year to remember, and now that we are quickly pushing into 2021, it is clear to me that finding the right HR solutions is going to remain a primary focus for many business owners. These leaders are looking to not only survive but thrive in this new environment.

Current demands include acquiring, developing, and retaining talent while adjusting to the possibility of a full-time virtual workforce or a blended approach. The ability to maintain office space and workplace safety and handle potential diminished real estate demand — all amid legislation changes at the federal and state levels — continue to be crucial for businesses of all sizes. 

The working environment has now permanently changed, and the concept of what makes a dynamic company culture has shifted as well. Now is the time to make sure you are as efficient as possible so your leaders within your organization can concentrate on staying in touch with employees, improving employee engagement and connectivity, and driving your business forward in new creative ways.

Efficiencies can come in a myriad of solutions, but implementing these new strategies can set your organization up for success. Some business owners are taking advantage of the virtual model of business, encouraging a paperless approach wherever possible, and if your HCM platform does not allow for that, it is time to consider a change. 

Here are 3 HR solutions to consider in 2021:

Sourcing, Recruiting, and Interviewing Virtually

Take advantage of an applicant tracking system to not only help you with posting jobs and finding applicants, but also to help you create a talent pool for future openings and keep you compliant with a single repository and history of all applicants interested in your roles. 

Consider using virtual video conversations for phone screens and/or interviews to speed up your processes and help move candidates along without in-person interviews.

Optimize Your New Hire Process

Once an applicant is selected, it’s time to optimize your onboarding process. Are you taking advantage of efficiencies with your HCM platform to impress new employees coming into your organization? Or are you still sending them a stack of papers and asking them to fill those out either before they start or on day one? 

Using technology can allow new hires to complete paper forms online (W-4 forms, form I-9, etc.) and allows you to share other vital documents, including your employee handbook, company mission and values, labor law posters, and other company-specific policies.

Compliance With Federal and State Laws

Last year we saw the CARES Act and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and now in 2021 we already have the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The changes are going to continue, and keeping up with compliance and the impacts for your business are now becoming a full-time job when you consider that your workforce likely could be spread out now across multiple states creating the need to account for those new state labor laws.

A Google search for some fact-finding might be helpful if you know what to look for, but it is certainly not the best way to stay fully current with important legislative updates. Take the time to ensure you have a trusted partner to help you proactively keep up with developments that impact your business. 

Partner With the Experts at HR Advisor 

Other trending topics include diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, workplace safety with strategies to return to the workplace, and keeping employee handbooks updated with all the changing laws.

2021 will undoubtedly continue to keep all of us on our toes. As a result, companies of all sizes are leaning on their HR professionals for guidance. If you are interested in learning more about the HR Advisor team at Payroll Network and how we work with you to help your business maximize the potential from your HR functions and your technology, please give us a call.

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