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PNI•HCM x MyWoosah: Because Every Family Deserves a Breather

MyWoosah is a one-stop-shop outsourced parenting, caregiving, and wellness platform that leverages technology to match employees with highly qualified care and wellness providers.

As a trusted global partner of employers, benefits brokers, organizations, and communities, they provide innovative solutions that empower today’s workforce to achieve their personal and professional goals with added peace of mind. 

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Employer-Sponsored Care Benefits from MyWoosah

Employer-Sponsored Family Care Benefits
$12 Billion

Revenue Lost

Studies show that employees without consistent and quality care cost the economy about $12 billion annually.


Workforce Ratio

As of 2022, 72% of the US workforce have children or elderly family members who need constant care.


Millennial Turnover

More than 90% of millennials will leave an employer without some form of family care benefits.

Meet Our Partner

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About MyWoosah

MyWoosah is a one-stop-shop outsourced parenting platform that leverages technology to match families with highly qualified care providers.

As a trusted partner of Corporate America, they provide innovative dependent care solutions for employees, empowering working parents to achieve their personal and professional goals with peace of mind.

MyWoosah's vision is to eradicate the outdated stigma associated with outsourced parenting.

They believe that parents should have access to the support they need to thrive in their careers and as caregivers without feeling guilty or judged.

With their seamless, user-friendly platform, families can find the perfect match for their unique needs, whether a nanny, babysitter, tutor, or other care provider.

The team at MyWoosah is composed of passionate individuals who understand the challenges of modern parenting firsthand. They are driven by a shared vision of creating a world where parents can confidently pursue their careers while nurturing their families.

By leveraging the latest advancements in technology and adhering to the highest quality and safety standards, MyWoosah is setting a new standard for outsourced parenting services.

Prioritizing Employee Experience 

Their slogan, “Every Family Deserves a Breather,” is why we have partnered together: To reach every organization and get one step closer to achieving our vision of eradicating the stigma of outsourced parenting and caregiving in the workforce.

"They have influenced not just my career, but also my own personal life, and their professionalism is outstanding. They made finding a care provider work stress-free. They made my husband feel and me comfortable and made sure I was introduced to an amazing client."
Sarah B.
Care Professional

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MyWoosah's Customizable Solutions

At MyWoosah, they understand that the needs of today’s workforce are unique to each employee and their family. They leverage proprietary technology to custom match each family with a provider for in-home childcare, adult care, transportation assistance, pet care, and natal services. (Natal and Pet Care launching in October of 2023)
Like families, they understand that the needs of each organization do not require a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why MyWoosah allows for customizable and affordable plan options that enable employers and community groups of all sizes and budgets to scale up or down as needed. 

Parents no longer have to feel the guilt of being busy or unavailable. From traditional childcare to shared care and transportation to customized learning, MyWoosah has you covered.

"My two kids get out of school at 3 pm and then need to be driven to sports practices. I am supposed to work until 5 pm. I use MyWoosah Drive to get the kids around so that after dinner, I don't need to get back on my computer. We can enjoy more quality time together in the evenings."
Erica S.
MyWoosah Share
MyWoosah Care Support
As part of their vision, they support your employees with industry resources and world-class customer experience agents that ensure they never feel the guilt of outsourcing some parenting tasks.
MyWoosah Care
MyWoosah Back-Up Care
At MyWoosah, no one size fits all; that is why they offer backup care for organizations that would instead use them as a resource for on-demand needs.
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MyWoosah Care Packages
MyWoosah has custom care packages that fit companies with different size budgets and headcounts. They curate these packages to meet the needs of each organization's benefits hierarchy.

MyWoosah was created with employers in mind.

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