Experience the Power of AI with Predictive HR Analytics

With isolved Predictive People Analytics, you can access valuable predictive HR analytic insights right when you need them most. 
Predictive People Analytics

From Flying Blind to Proactive Human Capital Management

Gain Access to the Workforce Metrics that Matter through isolved Predictive People Analytics

Meet the isolved Predictive People Analytics platform providing organizations the ability to generate predictive analytics by unifying and trending metrics from multiple HR software applications. The analytics platform empowers an organization to firmly establish the links of critical events and evolving corporate metrics, such as productivity and turnover, and ultimately close the loop on how people strategies impact business results.

isolved Predictive People Analytics is a powerful tool that ensures your operations continue to run at peak efficiency. As a result, managers will be able to identify and address small issues before they have an opportunity to grow into large problems. These comprehensive analytics provide historical trending and predictive modeling so an organization can see how it got to where it is, and what needs to be done for a more productive tomorrow.

Predict Workforce Needs Before They're Needed

isolved Predictive People Analytics empowers managers with benchmark data to help them secure top talent, predict attrition across individuals and groups, leverage succession planning, and fill skill gaps, all leading to a better employee experience and alignment with business goals. 

Predictive People Analytics - Better Predict Workforce Needs

Visualize KPIs with Predictive Workforce Modeling

Explore employment metrics from customizable dashboards featuring drill-downs to key performance indicators (KPIs) and built-in reports.

By analyzing historical trends and overlaying significant events, you can better interpret demographic patterns and the business impact of HR while planning for the workforce of the future. With predictive modeling, gain insight into employment trends and prepare for organizational success.

Predictive People Analytics - Visualize KPIs with Predictive Workforce Modeling

Enable Timely HR Interactions

Grant your HR team access to isolved's powerful voice navigation with built-in natural language processing to quickly locate employment data.

Employees can also use the isolved Conversational Virtual Assistant (CVA) to answer common questions related to timekeeping, payroll, benefits, and scheduling.

Predictive People Analytics - Enable Timely HR Interactions

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