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PNI•HCM x The Foundation for Financial Wellness: Empowering Businesses to Help Their Employees Achieve Financial Wellness

Equip your employees with valuable knowledge to enhance their understanding of company benefits, essential financial management, retirement planning, and numerous other aspects of financial well-being.

Why Financial Wellness Matters:

Financial distress is real. It’s chronic, and business leaders are feeling the direct impact.

70% of US workers say that personal finances are their #1 stress in life.

Your people are stressed, distracted, and underperforming because of it. They worry about money more than they do about their physical health. It's sad, it's unnecessary; how about we do something about it together? 
Your employees don’t need expensive, self-proclaimed financial gurus speaking down to them while using industry jargon and waxing philosophical. They need an environment that promotes non-solicitous financial education, healthy behavior change, and emotional well-being. This can take the shape of a trusted advocate, a coach, an educator, or a safe place to ask questions without being charged a fee or sold a financial product.

The Foundation for Financial Wellness empowers organizations and their leadership teams to educate their people about financial matters and a real-world process for delivering it as a wellness offering - meaning that it’s rooted in behavioral science, psychology, and the neuroscience of improved results.

of individuals say financial stress is their most common cause of stress.*

*American Psychology Association, Stress in America: Are Teens Adopting Adults' Stress Habits?

Experience stress when dealing with their financial situation.*

*FINRA Investor Education Foundation. Financial Capability Study

Households don't have three months' savings on hand.*

*"8 Scary Financial Statistics - and How to Avoid Becoming One."

Meet Our Partner

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The Foundation for Financial Wellness's Customizable Solutions

Financial challenges among employees can significantly impact your business in various ways. To foster their overall well-being, regardless of age or life stage, you can provide them with access to the Foundation for Financial Wellness Programs.

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, the Foundation for Financial Wellness (FFW) promotes financial wellness through a behavior-based curriculum that utilizes a national network of Certified Financial Wellness Professionals (CFWP™) to deliver financial wellness courses objectively in a non-solicitous manner.

Course Topics Include:

  • Financial Psychology
  • Debt-Free for Life
  • Investment Education
  • Retire with Confidence
  • Maximizing Your 401(k)
  • Tax Strategies
  • Estate Planning
  • College Planning
  • Life & Legacy
  • & many more!

These programs provide employees with vital knowledge and practical skills to effect positive changes in their financial behavior - ultimately leading to improved financial wellness.

"If you want to get better at what you do, if you want to improve your business, your systems, your relationships, I would strongly recommend working with the FFW and becoming a Certified Financial Wellness Professional™."
David Swenson
President of Swenson Wealth Advisors
"My Foundation membership changed my life. Before joining, I could never pay my bills and had no savings to speak of. I now sleep better at night knowing I have a plan and am getting my financial house in order."
Indianapolis, IN

The Foundation for Financial Wellness was created with your employees in mind.

Ignite Your Employee's & Your Company's Financial Potential with The Foundation for Financial Wellness

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