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PNI•HCM x TextHive: Reach Your Employees Where They Already Are - Their Phones

TextHive.io enhances manager/employee communications with its suite of personalized, conversational text-based workflows, which give leaders real-time, actionable feedback.

TextHive will help you:

Gain real-time visibility into the availability of your workforce.

Gain real-time visibility into the availability of your workforce

of US Workers' Schedules Change Week-Over-Week

83 Million

US Workers are Hourly Representing 59% of the US Workforce

3-4 Hours

Amount of Time Management Spends Scheduling Workers

Meet Our Partner

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About TextHive

TextHive.io enhances manager/employee communications through its collection of customized, conversational text-based workflows. These workflows empower leaders with valuable real-time feedback that can be acted upon immediately, fostering more effective communication and collaboration within organizations.

TextHive Attendance Confirmation Workflows (ACW) helps businesses with event-based labor requirements by efficiently gathering worker attendance confirmation. TextHive ACW is ideal for businesses with hourly, event-based labor needs, such as food and catering services, wholesale and retail trade, nonprofit organizations, hospitality, education, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, agriculture, and transportation and utilities.

TextHive Engage & Retain (E&R) improves employee/manager communications with text-based check-ins during each worker’s employment journey

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"We are beginning to see an increase in our scheduled events; therefore, we are scheduling more employees each week. It is very difficult to estimate how much time this application will save our event managers on a weekly basis.

However, I expect it to be close to 3-4 hours per week in peak season. Which equates to a massive amount of time saved during the entire season. The amount of time and effort that you and your team applied to the development and execution of the application is greatly appreciated by us at SGF!"
Sherry Wilcox
Office Manager at SGF

How You & Your Workforce Will Benefit from TextHive.io

The integration of TextHive's ACW with PNI•HCM's workforce management platform will provide PNI•HCM customers with a number of benefits if they choose to utilize TextHive, including:

Reduced Employee Turnover
Reduced Employee Turnover
By implementing ACW, organizations can decrease employee turnover rates through increased worker satisfaction with shift schedules. This not only saves significant recruitment costs associated with turnover but also fosters a more stable and productive workforce.
Reduced Labor Costs
Reduced Labor Costs
The ACW can help employers reduce labor costs by eliminating the need to overbook shifts by providing managers with real-time information about worker attendance.
Reduced Shift No-Shows
Reduced Shift No-Shows
ACW simplifies employees missing scheduled shifts. Workers can confirm attendance easily, avoiding overtime costs and productivity loss.
Improved Workforce Planning
Improved Workforce Planning
TextHive ACW optimizes workforce planning by providing managers insights into worker attendance. Improving operational efficiency, optimal staffing, and avoiding over or under-booking.
Streamlined Communication
Streamlined Communication
Simplify information exchange between management and workers and eliminate hours of follow-up phone calls through text-based shift reminders and a real-time attendance confirmation dashboard.
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Improved Employee Satisfaction
Enhance employee satisfaction by offering your employees an easy way to confirm shift attendance. In turn, boosting morale and reducing stress.

TextHive for New Hires

TextHive for New Hires takes our cutting-edge text messaging platform and creates workflows that are designed specifically to enhance communication and streamline the onboarding process within your company.

Onboarding has never been easier. As you continue to grow and expand your team, you will be able to seamlessly incorporate new employees into your daily workflow without any hassle.

TextHive for New Hires Onboarding

Discover how PNI•HCM and TextHive can drive a revolutionary transformation in how you manage your hourly workforce.

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