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PNI•HCM x Middesk:
State Tax Registrations Made Easy

We’ve joined forces with Middesk to help you register for state payroll taxes nationwide. Middesk will securely transmit your tax IDs to PNI•HCM, ensuring a smooth and timely setup for payroll. It's a seamless partnership you can trust for peace of mind.

Why a Seamless Handoff Matters:

Middesk Offers Better Products For Faster Business Decisions

Middesk is building the infrastructure layer to form trusted business relationships quickly.

With a network of identity and business management products, Middesk breaks down barriers and helps its customers grow faster, safer, and smarter than ever before.

Middesk verifies the commercial customers of businesses nationwide, simplifying the registration process with state agencies for expanding companies in the US.


A leading fintech lender boosted their auto-approval rate from 40% to 75% after switching to Middesk.

*Article: How Middesk accelerates business onboarding for fintech


of registered businesses have up-to-date information.



Register With New States in Minutes

Set up state unemployment and withholding accounts in minutes instead of days. Our application streamlines hundreds of confusing questions and intelligently pre-fills information for you.

Online Plan Establishment

Stay Compliant As You Grow

Let Middesk take on the burden of back-and-forth communications with state agencies. Rely on us to receive and process your postal mail from state agencies.

isolved Integration Marketplace

Use One Source for Government Accounts

Middesk brings together all your state registrations. See the status of your applications in an easy-to-use dashboard and be notified when you need to take action.

Middesk makes data make sense.

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