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Meet Our Partner: Juvo Jobs

PNI•HCM x Juvo Jobs:
Get Connected with Talent in Your Neighborhood

Juvo Jobs is an app that connects employers with job seekers at the touch of a button. It’s not a job board - instead, it focuses on personal connections, location, and proximity of job seekers to businesses, and, best of all, gives you greater results at a fraction of the normal cost!

Stop paying per job posting.

All Your Jobs, Accessible All the Time

If you're not hiring today, you'll probably be hiring tomorrow. That's why having Juvo in your back pocket keeps you ahead of the hiring curve, increasing your retention rate and saving you thousands in hiring costs.

Have you ever wondered why the Walmart app sends you notifications and offers when you're nearby? That's called geofencing. Juvo does something quite a bit similar using their app!

Juvo helps you meet your talent where they are—on their mobile devices. With easy-to-use, location-based technology, the Juvo Jobs app fits in the pockets of your prospects to make sure your hiring needs are met.

Whether they are checking the app with their morning coffee or scrolling through at 3 am, nearby seekers will have access to view your employment openings 24/7.


U.S. workers are paid hourly.



of the fastest growing occupations are hourly positions.

1 in 4

workers leave jobs stating commute is the main reason.

Don't Just Take Our Word

Hear from Fellow Business Owners About What It's Like To Work with Juvo

"We’ve been having a lot of staffing issues... trying to find the right person for the job. We were looking into different ways we could try and reach out and get people to connect with us. In this day and age and especially with everything going on, we know it’s going to be slow going, but having the resources available for us to use like [Juvo] is perfect."
Parker H.
Owner & Manager of Laser Tag Business
"The people who are closer to your business are the people who are more likely to stay employed, and want to come into work… that’s why we use Juvo. What I like about Juvo first off is the onboarding has been pleasant. Any time I have a question, I’ve gotten an immediate response. They’re very concerned with feedback which is how I operate my business. That’s why we use Juvo."
Billy K.
Owner of Award-Winning Burger Restaurant

Job boards didn't do it, so Juvo had to.

Putting the humanity back into hiring.

Juvo's goal is to completely touch every hourly business and worker in a positive way.

Juvo operates by fostering relationships with various companies and partners to provide a solid network of local, successful communities. 

Every person who 'Joins the Juvolution' is a part of the Juvo story. They are passionate about:

  • Growing businesses,
  • Changing job seekers' lives by providing them with better jobs,
  • Contributing to local communities near our users by supporting and advertising family-owned companies.
Juvo's dream is to give all hourly workers and employers the chance to blossom. They are providing something new and will continue to challenge the status quo and provide innovative and exciting new opportunities for all of those surrounded by the hourly workforce.
Job Seeker Sees Nearby Job on App

Accessible from any smartphone or computer, Juvo offers:

Get Noticed & Make Connections Without Breaking the Bank with Juvo Jobs

For more information about how Juvo can help you promote your hiring anytime, anywhere, fill out the form below to get in touch with us!

Keep your doors open with Juvo.