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PNI•HCM Partners with ZayZoon to Provide Earned Wage Access

PNI•HCM is thrilled to announce our partnership with ZayZoon, a company empowering employees who want to access their pay when needed. According to CNBC, nearly 56% of Americans can't cover a $1,000 emergency expense with savings. Data shows that providing an earned wage access solution for employees improves turnover by 29%, yielding a savings of $10,000/year for every 100 employees paid.

ZayZoon offers financial services to provide employees with immediate access to their hard-earned wages. Their unique platform is incredibly user-friendly and empowers workers by enabling them to receive their income right after completing a shift, task, or job.

ZayZoon improves employee retention with a practical and engaging financial benefit, creating a substantial competitive advantage for small and midsize businesses. They provide employers with an innovative, cost-effective way to support their workforce and stay competitive in the employment market.

They’re also a trusted partner for banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions as they leverage the company’s technology to offer wage acceleration services to customers. The platform also allows users to manage potential risks with advanced data protection technologies.

To top it off, their commitment to financial wellness extends beyond just offering instant payments - they offer numerous helpful insights on budgeting, savings, investing, wealth management, and more through their blog posts. With this combination of features offered by ZayZoon, employees can quickly manage their finances and ensure financial security.

"When I first heard of the Earned Wage Access (EWA) concept, I immediately thought it enabled bad habits similar to payday loans. However, once I dug in and fully understood the benefit and how powerful it is when combined with financial wellness education, my heart posture shifted, and I realized that we needed to make this a no-cost core offering for all of our clients and their employees. I read story after story of workers who were able to get themselves out of a financial pinch, and sometimes flat-out emergencies, by accessing a percentage of their earned wages,” said Mary Grothe, Chief Revenue Officer of PNI•HCM. “ZayZoon has been an incredible partner to work with, and we are thrilled to be able to offer EWA to our clients at no-cost. Some workers are living paycheck to paycheck. Wages have not caught up to inflation, and this EWA benefit allows them to avoid costly loans, and in some cases, avoid missing work due to car problems or lack of childcare (as two examples) and dealing with the associated missed income."

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About ZayZoon

ZayZoon is the financial empowerment platform for SMBs. With ZayZoon, payday finally comes with the push of a button. It’s free for employers and takes only 30 minutes to implement. Employees can use ZayZoon to get paid whenever, however. The platform also offers educational resources and tools to help workers break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. And it works. 89% of employees who use ZayZoon report less financial stress, and employers who offer ZayZoon boast a 29% reduction in turnover.