Make Onboarding Easier

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February 18 2021

A manual onboarding process can be tedious and inefficient. Keeping track of stacks of new hire paperwork becomes overwhelming and is not ideal. There’s no time like the present to make the switch to electronic onboarding, especially during uncertain times when many businesses are working from home.

Why switch to electronic onboarding?

Save time.

Electronic onboarding is completed online, so forms can be sent to employees instantaneously. Employees can sift through new hire information and training videos on their own time and ask questions with a quick email or phone call. Save time by filling in information electronically once, rather than filling out countless forms.

Stay organized.

Electronic onboarding allows you to seamlessly manage all documentation in one single platform. Automation makes for an easy collection, tracking, and storage of information and improves data consistency. Employee acknowledgement of processes, handbooks, etc. are also tracked.

Save Money.

Since all information is stored electronically, there is no need to use company expenses that are wasted on manual onboarding such as paper, ink, filing storage, etc. Electronic onboarding is inexpensive and even free with HR Advisor.

Go Green.

Think of all the resources you burn through with manual onboarding. Reducing overall waste by going paperless is an easy benefit of electronic onboarding. Less office materials being used and thrown away translates into a reduction in a company’s negative impact on the environment.

Stay Secure.

No need to worry about someone getting their hands on sensitive information anymore. Rather than keeping paper files for employees, electronic forms and electronic signatures on policies and handbooks are stored securely in iSolved document storage.

Improve engagement.

Electronic onboarding better engages employees than a manual onboarding process. It guides new hires through though every step of the process and is more pleasing to the eye than a black and white paper form. It also demonstrates to new hires that your company is tech-savvy. Nobody likes filling out paper forms; this helps streamline information to flow into the payroll system smoothly.

The benefits listed above are just a few ways that electronic onboarding can benefit your organization. Reminder, clients don’t need HR Advisor to add this capability. To learn more, contact

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